Hurricane Goddess


Ciara Lee

Susan lived in Jamaica with her husband Steve. They had a good, loving family, with their 10-year old daughter Stacey and their 16-year old twin boys, Tom & Jerry. Everything was fine until August 2, 1988, when the world's biggest hurricane ever hit.

It was a warm August night and the family was in the living room, watching t.v.

"I see something in my mind, Mom," said Stacey to her mother, "I see something spinning, and it looks like a big horseshoe. It's moving with winds of 160 miles an hour."

Stacey was the "brainiac" of the family. Her favorite subject was science, and she loved to show everybody how smart she was.

"What could it be, Mom?"

"It's probably just your imagination again," answered Susan.

But Stacy persisted. "No, Mom. I think it's really real. I think something's going to happen," said Stacey.

Susan breathed a sigh of exasperation, and turned to her husband."Steve, tell your daughter that there's not going to be a hurricane."

Steve just said," uh-huh," never lifting his eyes from his newspaper.

"So that's what it's called, a hurricane," remarked Stacey.

"Go to sleep, Stacey. Your imagination is getting out of control. Besides, there's been no reports of tropical storms this week. "

"Just wait and see," shouted Stacy, who was really hurt from being ignored, "you're all going to die for not believing me! I'll be the only one in the whole wide world to survive!" predicted Stacy, who turned toward her room.

Stacy turned when she reached her doorway and announced, "I'm going to sleep anyway."

"Good night Stacey!" said her mom.

Soon Stacey was in bed sound asleep, and her mother and father had moved to the back porch. They were having a conversation about what Stacey said. Susan asked her husband, "Do you really think there will be another hurricane?"

"I don't know," replied Steve.

"We do," said Tom & Jerry, who had both been listening to the conversation from inside, "Stacy has a long track record of predictions that were right."

Silence filled the air for five minutes. Suddenly the house began to move just a little, but no one noticed because they were outside. Then the night skies filled with darkness. It became extremely dark. and the clouds looked like smoke after a fire. That's when the rain began. It pours in sheets, and battered the roof, the windows, the patio furniture. Everyone ran inside the house to keep from getting drenched.

"I told you something was going to happen," yelled Stacey from her room," You should never have doubted what I said!"

"Shut up, Stacey and come here," said her father. Stacey ran to her father and jumped into his arms. She was shaking all over.

"Be calm everyone," said Steve.

Stacey dashed out of her father's arms and ran to the window.

"Look, you guys, it's that horseshoe shape that I told you about."

"Cool!" said Tom.

"Outrageous!" said Jerry.

They could see the movement of the hurricane across the skies. It was stranger than all the other bad tropical storms they had experienced. It looked more like a tornado than of a hurricane.

"Let's go down to the basement," said Steve.

In the basement everybody was quiet for a long period of time.

Then Stacey jumped up and said, "We forget Lassie! Please! Go get her, Jerry. She'll never make it out there alone. "

Reluctantly, Jerry left the basement to get the dog. While he was out he saw things that were unbelievable, like the things flying around in the movie "Twister." Jerry fournd the dog and came back to the basement and told the rest of the family what he saw. The shaking got harder and harder, so they knew that the hurricane was getting closer and closer.

Then all of a sudden there was one large shake. The kids screamed, cried, jumped up and down, trying to keep calm.

"I'm scared mom," cryed Stacey. The hard wind forced the latch open and Lassie was pulled up the ladder.

"Lassie!" screamed Stacey, "somebody help her!" But Steve kept everyone downstairs because it was too dangerous to leave. Stacey was so frightened by the sounds of the winds and rains that she ran under a steel metal case that she found in the corner of the basement. The family inherited this large armoire from their great-grandfather many years ago. They kept it in the basement because they couldn't find room in the house for it.

Outside things started to move around. By this time the family already latched down the opening. Then everything started to shake again, so hard that everything and everyone except Stacy was ripped out of the place. The metal case didn't budge, so Stacey survived just like she said she would.

Stacey thought of her family and wanted to help them, but she couldn't move out of the metal case. Her leg was wedged beween the wall and the case. Everything went silent in the blink of an eye. It all seemed like a nightmare. But it wasn't a nightmare, it was all real.

Now Stacey sat alone with no one to run to, no one to help her. She was so afraid. She had no one to tell her it would be okay, no one to hold her, no one to give her a blanket to keep her warm. Stacey shivered, and wondered if anyone would ever find her in the basement, and come to her resecue.

About the Author

Ciara Lee is a Junior at Manual Arts High School, College Preparatory Magnet. She loves to talk to people about their problems, and her hobbies are nurturing young kids and surfing the internet. Her favorite subject is science because she wants to become an orthopedic surgeon.

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