Nick of Time


Ana Espinosa

On September 25, year 2015, Michael Smith, a 42 year-old handsome and intelligent astronomer stared at the solar system and noticed something was wrong. He realized that the sun looked much smaller that a year before and it kept getting smaller. He couldn't believe this was actually happening . He decided to talk to other scientists to check if they had the same opinion about this unusual event. The scientists had reached the same conclusion as Michael, that the sun would explode in three months. Michael rushed to his family to communicate the tragedy that was awaiting them. The news caused great anxiety among the family members.

John Smith, a 17 year-old handsome young man, popular and very intelligent, was Michael's son. Due to this news he would be late coming home, and anwering his father back. Michael's daughter, Cindy a 13 year-old sweet and popular girl got into constant fights at school because of rumors about what her father found out about the solar system. It seemed that no one believe what Michael Smith and his colleagues had said about the sun. She was very nice, but because she was so scared, she'll get into an argument with girls at school that end up on fighting.

"All of what is happening is your father's fault, all his fault Cindy !!!" a girl from school told Cindy. She screamed that Cindy's father was telling lies just to scare everybody.

"It's not my father's fault, you hear me!!" Cindy pushed her and they both started to fight until the lunch aides broke it up and brought them to the principal's office.

There were constant arguments between Michael and his wife, Martha, who refused to believe what was happening. Martha was a strict but sweet mother, and very commutative with her kids, but because of all this stress, she was in a panic.

One day John challenged his father's authority. He said, "You should separate your professional life from your personal life, this way there wouldn't be this constant conflict between us."

He stopped, sat down, looked at his father, and said, "Father, I'm scared as all of us are, and it is just so weird that all of this is happening, I just can't believe it, I just can't. "

"I know that all of you are scared and worried about this problem, and I'm scared as all of you are," said Michael, "but we have to stay calm. It's not like we can do anything, so we should stay together and try to forget that this is happening, I know it's going to be hard, but we have to try." He tried to be calmy. His wife was agitated.

"But there should be something to stop this from happening, Michael," said Martha. "Please tell me that there is something we can do, please tell me Michael. . . . Michael, answer me!" Martha was losing her control.

"Calm down, you're panicking. We should keep together and enjoy our lives while the sun is up, " Michael replied.

Cindy began crying and John hugged her and said, "Don't cry Cindy, everything is going to be fine, I won't let anyone hurt you, calm down and stop crying. . . everything is going to be fine, we're all together and no one is going to take us apart."

John looked to his parents for moral support. Michael did the same thing and hugged Martha, and then Cindy and John.

December 13, 2015

Time passed and it was the third month, the so feared month, the month when the sun was going to explode. At this time renowned scientists were showing up on T.V. and talking on the radio to alert the public about the catastrophe that was about to take place.

On the radio the reporters were giving last minute information. "At this time the best thing is to stay at home and avoid getting in panic." "We are running out of time, please keep close to your families and closely follow our advise."

The electricity went off. The sun exploded and the planets Mercury and Venus were destroyed completely. Earth was hurled to another galaxy. After a year, when Earth stabilized, and had a steady orbit around another sun, a strange spaceship landed. Four figures slowly emerged from the extended landing. One by one, they cautiously took off their head gear, and breathed the air around them.

"Come on, John, let your mom and Cindy look around. We have to set up camp," announced one figure. They disappeared into the spaceship and returned carrying boxes and probes and other strange gear.

"Looks like we finally found a place to call home," said Martha to her husband, "and we owe it all to you, Michael. I love you."

About the Author


Ana Espinoza is a Junior at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles. Her hobbies are drawing and playing soccer with her friends. Her favorite class is International Relations because she likes to know what is happening in the rest of the world. She plans to major in Criminology in Law at UCLA.

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