Life In Space


Henry Aguilar and Ronald Marin

Since October of 1957, the space age has gone from nothing to everything. Since the first satellite, Sputnik was launched from Russia, that was a big jump for humanity. Scientists can now send animals, even people into space. Over the years scientist have studied the possibility of people living in space.

Now it's 2027. Scientists have made it possible for people to live a normal life in outer space. The first family to be launched into space will be the Armstrong family. The father Neil his wife Joanne, their sons Bill and Mike. They all attended a training of 9 months at NASA. The scientist there was Mr. Kuwitz; and he asked them, "Why do you want to live in space."

Neil said, "We want to make history, we want to be the first to live in space."

The Armstrongs completed their training, and were ready to be launched into the abyss. The big day finally came and they were all very nervous, but happy. Neil told his sons, "Boys don't be scared, if we do this we will be remembered forever. Be strong and brave."

The family arrived at the NASA center at 2:00 p.m., where they prepared for the trip and waited for the countdown. At 5:30 p.m.,exactly 30 minutes from the launch, the family suited up and prayed to God that nothing would happen to them in space. They had one little problem. The father's space suit didn't fit properly because he was a bit plump. Ten minutes before the launch the problem was solved. Someone found a space suit that fit him.

The family was happy, yet sad, but overall they were ready to make history. At 6:00 p.m. the family was in the shuttle, ironically named Armstrong 6000. The countdown started, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 launch ! The family looked at each other and said, "We are headed for space!"

Thirteen hours later, they were well on their way to the experimental dome built on Mars. The dome was built from a private fund NASA created for this special occasion. The dome took about 5 years to build. The Dome was made of titanium scrap metal.

On their way to Mars the family discussed how it felt leaving their lives behind. Mike was apparently upset, because he had to leave his girlfriend for some time. Bill was happy to be part of this colossal event. Neil and Joanne did not appear to be scared but they were giving off signs that they might not make it back. During most of the trip the family did not talk to each other much. They spent most of their time looking at the great vastness of the universe. After five days of constant travel they reached Mars.

The family spent two months living in the Dome. While they were there, the family studied the planets atmosphere and it's possible living conditions for humans. The Armstrongs had problems eating the saturated foods in space. But within a couple of weeks they adapted to the foods. Another problem they had was using the restroom and for this they went back to the shuttle and there they used the restroom. The Armstrongs neither liked nor hated the Dome. What they really disliked was not being able to go outside without first spending hours to suit up.

Overall the family was satisfied with what they had accomplished on their trip. They had examined all of the gases on the planet, and had experienced only one problem. At certain times they experienced weird things or heard strange sounds. When the two months were over they all seemed eager to go back to Earth&endash;all but one.

Neil told his family, "I don't want to leave, I like it out here. Here we live just fine with not a care in the world."

Both of the boys were happy to leave, they never actually cared for the idea of living somewhere other than on Earth.

Mike said to Bill, "Thank God it's time to go back. I miss Earth."

Joanne was also glad to return to her former way of living. She sighed with relief and thought to herself, "The time has come to go to back, I wonder how my mom is doing."

The family was delayed for five hours because they had to convince Neil why they had to go back. Neil would not listen to any of their arguments, but he finally realized something. He would not survive on Mars for more than six days. He was so determined to stay on the planet that he didn't remember how he would live.

During their trip back to Earth they had minor problems: one of their burners shut off and the family was worried. Eventually Neil fixed the burner but the family was way behind in their schedule, and were running out of oxygen and the food supply was very scarce. The family was worried that they would not make it to Earth alive, but they stuck together and they made it back to Earth alive, even though their food supply had run out, they still had what they needed, each other and oxygen. They survived with what they had.

When the family did return to earth and touched ground, Mike kissed the floor and yelled, "I'm home I'm home."

When the family was asked how it was in space, the Armstrongs answered, "It was fun, interesting, but mostly, we didn't like it."

Bill told reporters, "I think no one would like to live in space but it would be nice if someone made it easier to live there." The Armstrongs will return to Mars when NASA finds an alternative substitute for oxygen, To make life easier to live in space.

About the Authors

Ronald Marin is in the 11th grade at Manual Arts High School. His favorite subject in school is U.S. History, and he enjoys playing basketball and cards.


Henry Aguilar is a Junior at Manual Arts High School, and is in the College Prep Magnet program and the Fannie Mae Academy of Finance. His hobbies include playing and watching soccer and sleeping. His favorite class is his Academy of Finance class, which is International Relations. His future plans include going to a California State University and majoring in Economics and International Relations.




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