El Niño, Gift of God


Jerusalem Rodriguez and Marisol Urbina

The year 2000 is here, and it is not only the beginning of the new millennium, but the coming of world-wide destruction. God has spoken to one of his chosen sons, Jonathan, a 35 year-old religious man, to build a boat like the one Noah built centuries ago. God planned to once again destroy the earth because of the hate that has caused so much violence.

Jonathan is a rich scientist with three children, John who's ten, David who's eight and Beth who's seven. There's a baby on the way with his wife Light, a fair, sweet 30-year-old. They have been happily married a little over ten years.

Jonathan began planning his new task with dedication. He created a journal to plan every step of the way. He planned to gather his family and the latest technology including a play station. He planned to choose seven pairs of each animal who had something to offer humanity. He chose horses, cows, pigs, chickens, oxen, lamb, and sheep. He decided that since man was responsible for the extinction of many animals, he would take three pairs of each of the animals who were struggling to survive.

God talked to Jonathan in prayer and dreams. He had told him that he had seven days to get everything ready. The day after God spoke to Jonathan, God visited Jonathan in another dream and showed him the terrible destruction of El Niño. The storm was so powerful that it destroyed the whole world. Meteorologists had already predicted that this would be the biggest storm ever. Newscasters warned how the storm could flood a lot of land and destroy everything. Jonathan saw everything in his dream, everything being destroyed, everything in chaos. He twisted and turned and moaned. "No! No!" Jonathan cried. Beads of perspiration rolled down his forehead.

"Jonathan! Wake up!" Light whispered, "You're having a bad dream."

That morning Jonathan made the rounds and sold everything he owned. He then boarded his helicopter and flew to Long Beach Harbor. He closed the deal for the purchase of the Queen Mary and directed the crew to take it back to dock near the Santa Monica Bay. Next Jonathan rented enough trucks to board all his chosen animals from the L.A. Zoo. While the animals were boards, Jonathan directed the workers he hired to make a sealed canopy for the Queen Mary so that the water couldn't come on the deck. Jonathan thought about the 40 days and 40 nights on the ship. It would be hell on earth, he thought, massive destruction everywhere.

Earlier Jonathan had researched the legend of El Niño, and learned that it is a Spanish term for the "Child of Christ." It causes global impact because of the changes in the ocean temperature that affect our atmosphere. When El Nino hits, the warm surface water heats up the air above, creating a breeding ground for severe storms and hurricanes over the Central and Eastern Pacific and subjecting the west coast of North America and South America to heavy rainfall and destructive flooding. Jonathan was alarmed to discover that all this extra rainfall and flooding would be devastating to the Western Pacific region, and in turn, the area would suffer from droughts as the rain shifted eastwards. Jonathan realized that El Niño had no heart, killing everything in its path-&emdash;wiping out young and old alike. Jonathan read about numerous lives being lost in past El Niño storms.

On the seventh day, when the world learned about the horrible event that would strike the earth, it was too late to do anything. Jonathan and his family, along with all the animals he gathered, were save in the heart of the Queen Mary. He could hear the thunder and feel the rain hitting the canvas he had put up, and prayed thanks to God for choosing his family to start over again. Hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and wicked storms got stronger as days went by. People drowned, starved to death, some froze, and houses burn down.

President Pamela Lee tried to lead the American people in prayer, but nobody could concentrate, so they turned to the 59th Pope, Jim Carey. He prayed with the people. He tried to ease their fear with humor, and it worked. Pope Carey successfully calmed down the masses of people around the world.

God looked down on the world, and saw how funny Pope Carey was, and how he was able to reach so many people, so God changed his mind and forgave the people of earth for all their transgressions. Gradually the rains subsided, and Jonathan docked the Queen Mary along one of the Hawaiian Islands, where he began his long mission of restoring life again.

About the Authors

Jerusalem Rodriguez is a Junior who enjoys reading romance novels and roller skating. Her favorite subject is U.S. History, and she plans to attend Santa Monica College after she graduates from Manual Arts High School.

Marisol Urbina is an 11th grader at Manual Arts High School in the College Preparatory Magnet program. She enjoys movies and listening to music. Her favorite subject is American Literature. She plans to attend a community college and then transfer to a California State University.

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