Writers' Brief: Time Travel


Amanda Kunkle & Christen Huff

Time travel is thought to be possible today by traveling through a black hole and a worm hole. Black holes used to be called forbidden spheres, and are created when stars collapse. They become large dense regions of matter in space that even light cannot travel through. Two black holes, back to back create what's called a worm hole. A worm hole is like a tunnel through space. Space is like a sheet with wrinkles and the worm holes go right through both sheets, from one to the other. Light cannot travel through worm holes either. Light has to go over the wrinkles in space, so if you traveled through a worm hole you would be traveling faster than light. This would be faster than time because light is time.

Some scientists have come to the conclusion that it is possible to travel through most worm holes. However, there are some dangers. First, because of gravity from a black hole, your body could be stretched to a thin line as you grow closer to the worm hole. Second, you can be fried due to the intense gamma and x-ray radiation produced by the black hole. Third, worm holes are only one way passages, there would be no coming back. One last problem is called causality. If you traveled back in time and killed your father or grandfather before he was married, then you would never have been born - would you dissappear ? Worm holes also may be impassable due to the speed of light. In order to pass through them you have to reach the speed of light. When an object approaches the speed of light, it becom es infinitely heavy, which means it takes more and more energy to make go faster. In other words, to travel the speed of light would take some infinitely powerful energy source even more powerful than a nuclear reactor.

It will probably be a while before we start developing the technology to time travel, if ever.

About the Authors

Amanda Kunkle and Christen Huff are students in Mr. Abouaf's first period Integrated Science class at West High School, in Torrance Unified School District.


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