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    Lull Special Education Center is located just off the 101 freeway in Encino on a quiet neighborhood street. Lull is part of the LAUSD school system and moved to it's current location eleven years ago when it was dedicated in honor of Fred S. Lull. He was an honored and long tome principal who worked for the special needs students of Los Angeles for 30 years.

    The program at Lull is provided by a very dedicated and well trained staff of teachers and assistants. We serve the needs of approximately 200 disabled students ages 3 through 13 who have a variety of severe disabilities including mental retardation, autism, physical, hearing and vision impairments, emotional and behavior problems. Our ethnically diverse student population comes from a large geographic area from north and west of the Hollywood area, many of whom have limited experiences in their homes and communities due to their severe disabilities.

    Our program which consists of language and motor development, self-help, pre academics and prevocational skills is set up to meet the individual needs of each student. We have a pre-school program that is designed to provide early intervention that will allow some students to go on and attend their neighborhood schools. In addition to the basic skills curriculum, there are other programs and opportunities offered such as music art, and gardening. There are many special events at Lull throughout the year which round out our rich program. These events such as Halloween, Winter Holidays, Cinco de Mayo are designed in a way that allow our students to access these learning opportunities and life experiences.  Our students have a growing opportunity to study and play with their non disabled peers in several programs organized to promote interaction.

     Lull is fortunate to have wonderful community support. There are many people, groups and businesses that have "adopted" our school and its students over time. They have helped us provide equipment, programs and experiences for our students so essential in their development, enrichment and enjoyment of life. We are most grateful for the generosity of these  people and for their involvement in our school.

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