Los Angeles Magnet Advantages

    Magnet schools give students the opportunity to explore a specialized learning environment to share their experience with other students who have similar goals. Class sizes in magnet schools tend to be smaller than average. This allows a greater degree of student to teacher interaction. Students who choose to attend a magnet school must submit an application. The next application period will be in February.

The Magnet School combines advantages of a small school with those of a large school.

Small School Advantages

  • Instruction by a carefully selected faculty using enriched materials.

  • Intensive academic learning paced to the students' abilities.

  • Registration, attendance, counseling, programming, discipline, etc. are all handled in one place, the Magnet Office.

  • An atmosphere of good work habits and cooperation.

  • Continuous college counseling.

  • Cooperation with Caltech, U.S.C. and U.C.L.A.

Large School Advantages

  • Located on the Los Angeles High School campus.

  • Classes are in the L.A.H.S. buildings.

  • Electives are chosen from the full range of the L.A.H.S. curriculum including Academically Enriched and Advanced Placements courses.

  • Students have all the privileges of the L.A.H.S. student body.

  • All L.A.H.S. activities are open to Los Angeles High School Math-Science College-Incentive Magnet students (clubs, leadership, athletics, band, teams, productions, etc.).

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