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The reports written are information you can learn about the jungle and early-man. Each report was created by students who read/researched the information. Please click on the information links below.

Birds of the Jungle
Amphibians/Reptiles of the Jungle
Cats of the Jungle
Insects of the Jungle
Plants of the Jungle
Flowers of the Jungle
Primates of the Jungle
Different types of Jungles
Locations of the Jungles Around the World
Peoples of the Jungles in South America
Peoples of the Jungles in Africa
Medicinal Plants found only in Jungles
Deforestation of the Jungles
Importance of the Rain-Forest
Who was Lucy ?
The First Human Fossil Find
How to Unearth a Fossil
Evolution Theories

Reports on the 'Tarzan' Book

Student documents, pictures and drawings have been uploaded with parental consent.