Robotics in the Curriculums

Steven Dworetzky

Explore the various ways robotics are being used here at Thomas Starr King Middle School in Los Angeles, California. Visit, through video clips, the various classrooms and see how excited the children are and what they are accomplishing. I have been involved in robotics here for five years and have worked with classes ranging in size from 25 through 40. Our students range from special education to gifted, from non-English to native born. Their one common denominator is that they would rather have fun learning and that is what we offer through our robotics curriculums.

Technology Education- Peek in on our introduction to computer classes. Be amazed at the different types of robots that can be constructed and the manner in which they perform. If you have access to "see you see me" you can talk to our students and even do some remote programming of our robots. Once you get on you will never hang up.

Mathematics- See how to teach the entire 7th and 8th grade curriculums through the use of robots - graphing, formulas, algebra, problem solving and more. Read student written, computer prepared reports that are filled with graphs, charts, spreadsheets and decimals.

Science- Ogle at "Mars scapes" and "moonscapes" prepared to scale by students in middle school . Stare (no drooling please) at the many robot vehicles under the control of the students as they traverse the alien landscapes. Be excited watching the roller coasters and the many carnival rides. Learn about gravity, centrifugal and centripetal forces as well as acceleration and rate of speed. If you want to control the robots from your school write to Steven Dworetzky at the address listed below.

English- Encounter a book coming alive through robotics. See the characters move or the setting become alive. Students get involved in animating the many books they read.

Social Studies- Contemplate living in medieval times. Experience the raising and lowering of a robotic drawbridge. Build your own battering rams and catapults. Reinvent the inventions of yesteryear right in your own classroom. Social studies is now hands on.

Music- Program music into the robots. Start a carousel and listen to rock or classical. Build a robot to play the keyboard or any other instrument.

Art-Can a robot draw or paint? Find out as you visit an art class that has students creating their own assistants.

Physical Education- Create a model which will help you run faster, ski faster or enable you to study the body movements in various sports. Learn how the Olympians prepare for their contests.

Correspondence- If you have comments, questions, requests, or suggestions please write to us. We have much to share and to learn and are willing to do both.

Background- B.S. in Mathematics, M.S. in Administration and Supervision, P.D. in Curriculum and teaching and L.D.S. certificate. Credentialed and licensed in Los Angeles and New York; 32 years of experience teaching at middle school, university and graduate school levels.

Future plans- Students are presently building landscapes of different planets as well as the moon based on information downloaded from JPL. Other groups of students are completing building rovers to roam around these landscapes. The rovers are equipped with connectix video cameras and will transmit pictures. You will have the opportunity to contact our school and control the robots remotely from your school. For more information on this project please contact Steven Dworetzky at the above address.

Consultant and advisory positions- Over the years I have made every effort to share my work and experience with others. Some of the organizations and groups I have spoken to and consulted with are listed below.


  • The White House
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • NYS Attorney General's Office
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Lego Dacta
  • California League of Middle Schools
  • California Association of Bilingual Educators
  • Association of California School Administrators
  • Moorpark School District
  • National Science Teachers Association
  • Consumer's Union
  • Las Vegas School System (Clark County)
  • Las Virgenes Unified School District
  • Las Virgenes Technology Foundation
  • Pasadena Unified School District
  • New York State Council on Economic Education
  • Virgin Sound and Vision software
  • Wave Hill Center for Environmental Studies
  • The No-Elephant Circus
  • State University of New York
  • The Planetary Society
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL)
  • City University of New York

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