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King/Drew Dress Code
The King/Drew Magnet High School dress code was developed to establish a friendly and professional atmosphere that promotes pride, respect and safety for the students and staff. As a family of professionals, our basic standard for students is to dress as if they were coming to work and take pride in their appearance. School is a place of business. Education is the studentís job. We depend on parental support in controlling our dress standards. The following dress code guidelines will be enforced daily at the King/Drew Magnet High School. Uniforms may be acquired in the student store or at designated uniform stores.


Male and Female Polo Shirts/Sweaters:
All polo/oxford shirts are black, white or gold. Shirts must be tucked in at the waist at all times. Basketball jerseys, athletic wear, and PE clothing are not acceptable as part of the uniform.

Male and Female Pants or Walking Shorts/Female Skirts/Skorts:
All Pants and Shorts must be black. Skirts and Skorts may be black or uniform plaid." ABSOLUTELY, NO JEANS OR DENIM MATERIALS ALLOWED;" must fit at the waist; must be hemmed; and must be no shorter than 3" above the knee. No long skirts or skirts with splits are to be worn. Short shorts are not allowed. Only uniform cotton blend pants are appropriate. Stretch and corduroy pants are not allowed.

A belt will be worn with pants or walking shorts. No part of the belt may hang or dangle down. Belt buckles may NOT have initials or insignias.

Only shoes of black, white, gold or a combination of those colors will be allowed. NO OTHER COLORS ARE ALLOWED including trim designs and lacing. Shoes, with a sole and a back strap, must be worn at all times. House slippers, sandals or thongs are not allowed.

Hair, Nails and Earrings:
All hairstyles known to be gang-related are prohibited.

No Extreme Hair colors or body piercing are allowed. All grooming must occur at home. There is no braiding of hair during the entire school day.

Inappropriate Appearance:
Bandannas, sunglasses, combs or hair picks, scarves, hairnets, or curlers are not appropriate for school and should be left at home. Graffiti on book bags and notebooks is not allowed. Jacket hoods may be worn outside only. Hats used for sun protection must be "King/Drew" hats that are black, white, and/or gold in color. Hats with insignias other than "King/Drew" are not acceptable. Studentís heads must be uncovered while students are in the building. PE clothing must be worn in PE class only.

Students who continually violate the school dress code will be placed on a "Dress Code Contract" and risk the chance of having their permit terminated.

Standards of Behavior:
King/Drew Magnet High School faculty, staff, students, and parents are committed to creating a safe environment in which our students acquire the knowledge and maturity they need to function in an increasingly complex society. King/Drew is a place where students pursue learning and attain their goals in an atmosphere of respect, support, encouragement, nurturance, guidance, and high expectations. King/Drew students have traditionally supported these efforts by living up to the highest academic and personal standards.

Academic Honesty
King/Drew students subscribe to a moral code that requires them to submit their own work representing their own learning. Any student who illegally obtains materials that compromise the integrity of any test or assignment will fail the test or assignment and be subject to administrative discipline Students cheating during the administration of any test (giving or receiving unfair advantage over other students) will be considered in violation of the King/Drew High School Code of Conduct. Violators will be subject to immediate review and investigation and appropriate action will be taken.

Attendance Policy:
Participation in school class experiences promotes successful student learning. Class participation is part of the course grade: therefore, regular punctual attendance is vital to success in school. Medical, dental, and other appointments should be scheduled after school.

Students are responsible for making up work missed from an excused absence. Follow the teacher's policy about missed assignments.

Any student returning from an absence must report to the attendance office window by 7:30 a.m. with a written note containing the reason for the absence, the date of return and the signature of a parent/guardian. Students may not make phone calls to parents to verify the reason for the absence.

After the third day of absence, school personnel will call parents to verify absences. Excessive absences could jeopardize course grade and may be dealt with administratively.

King/Drew students treat textbooks as if they were their own. They must keep the books covered and understand they are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged books. A clearance for lost books and materials must be issued to receive report cards.

Campus Visitors:
All visitors are to report to the main office when they arrive on campus to receive a visitor pass. Young children are not permitted on campus under any circumstances.

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