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Donna Ticey
Cafeteria Manager


Mrs. Ticey is the cafeteria manager for King/Drew. She really is intense with her work. Mrs. Ticey loves being around the students and staff and wishes she could do more for them. In a way Mrs. Ticey has done more than needed for us. With a full staff Mrs. Ticey makes sure that the food served here is the best. Although Mrs. Ticey is required to make sure that students have only eleven entrées, she offers thirteen. She takes pride in the cafeteria and its progress.

Like all others Mrs. Ticey did not start being the manager. She actually began at the bottom of the pile. With hard work and determination Mrs. Ticey has surely proven that manger is what she needs to be. Her days here at King/Drew begin at 6am and end at 5pm. Mrs. Ticey doesnt only cook or serve but she also takes care of all business affairs dealing with the cafeteria. As cafeteria manager Mrs. Ticey does have some expectations. She states, All I want is for more students to make an effort to eat in our cafeteria. Not only is the food healthy, it is not expensive. Another issue that Mrs. Ticey has with the students is the well being of the cafeteria. Students should take care of their surroundings, Mrs. Ticey says while eating some of her own cooking.

For the past four years that students have been here, they have had some great things to say about the cafeteria and its food. There are a variety of foods. I really like the salads offered. Says senior Sabrina Solomon. I like eating in the cafeteria because it only costs $1.50 for a whole meal, food and drink, and the meals outside of the cafeteria cost $3.00 and up, said by an anonymous sophomore. Not only do the students enjoy the cafeteria but the teachers do also. I love eating [in the cafeteria], says Mr. Wilburn, computer and graphics teacher.

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