June 2008



Impotant Dates

Thursday, June 19

Last Day of Class

Tuesday, August 26

Home Visits

Wednesday, September 3

First Day of Class

Tuesday, September 23

Back to School Night

































Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

   First, our Multicultural Day is on June 13. The dances start at 12:00pm and the fun right after. Please come and join us in this celebration.

Second, the last day of instruction for the 2007-2008 school year is June 19. Please have a safe and fun summer. See you the first day of class on September 3rd.

   Third, put together a new school plan which revised our school's goals, vision, and programs. Thank you to those that helped.

Finaly, here are the new mission statement and the vision statement.

Mission Statement: Through teamwork and leadership, RFK will provide a rigorous, standards-based curriculum that addresses the needs of all studnets in a safe, respectful community and motivates students to be lifetime learners.

Vision Statement: The vision of RFK is to be recognized as a California Distinguished School by creating a community learnrs who value and strive for a higher education.


       Christopher Lund



























Student Testing Summit

All parents please make sure that your student is getting plenty of sleep, breckfast in the morning, and arriving to class on time (8:00am). This will help them perform better on the state test.

Student Drop-Off

Dear Parents,

For the well being of all students, we would like to remind you of the following safety procedures:

*Do not double park your vehicle in front of the school to drop-off or pick-up your child.

*Obey all posted parking signs

*Park your vehicle safely and walk to drop-off or pick-up your child. If you have difficulty finding parking at dismissal time, have a prearranged meeting location that's safe for your child.

*Use the crosswalks at each corner to walk across the street.

*Children not picked-up 15 minutes after the dismissal bell will be escorted to the playground. There will be no exceptions.

It's extremely important that you model good safety practices at all times for your child. It's best to be safe than sorry.