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Malicious Software Removal Tool Firewall FAQs

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MS 2000 TechNet Windows 2000 Guides MS Win2000 Tech Res MS Win2000 Admin
Win 2K Tips Win2K ActiveWindows

General Guidelines for Windows 2000/XP setup

General Resources

Microsoft Windows Updates
Microsoft Download Center
MS Office clipart
Templates! Bugs and fixes PC Guide Troubleshooting Expert

Use these web sites to learn more about Windows 9x, 2K and ME, troubleshoot problems, and download helpful software. See also the Jefferson H.S. Tech Help for many useful tips and lessons.

TechTV Win Downloads
Tucows.COM ZDUNet Drivers NAV Updates
Download.COM ZDUNet Utilities 7-Zip Partition Magic
TUDOGS.COM Rapid Backup Protable
ZDNet.COM GRSoftware Utilities Proxomitron
WUGNET Shareware Hall of Frame! PC Magazine ZoneAlarm firewall
Ping Software PC World Win 95 Annoyances
Windows 95 Networking Help / Build a Home Network
The Gimp OpenOffice
Windows 95 Networking FAQs AbiWord Win 95 USB driver
Win95, 2K Startup Control Panel Editors' Picks
Tweak Windows: X-Setup  Windows Tips from Digital Duo
ClamWin Antivirus
Partitioning Tools / Fdisk.Com
Partition Resizer
Tom's HOWTOs tips and tricks
DOSPrn to print old DOS programs
Spybot Search and Destroy
Audacity sound editor
DVD Decrypter
 DVD Shrink
CDex ripping and converting
DVD software and Guides


 Tom's Hardware Guide CNet
 PC Liqudators Motherboard Express  ZDNet
DELL IBM Gateway
HP Compaq E-Machines
BestBuy CDW Microwarehouse


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DOS Lessons Batch Files
Colitti DOS Lessons
The Ancient Art of DOS Batch Files
Information on Batch Files
DOSPrn to print old DOS programs DOS Batch Files Page

Windows 95/ DOS 7 Batch Programming

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