Jefferson H.S.

Early College Program

Jefferson/Trade Tech. Incentive

400 W. Washington Blvd. (M 175), Los Angeles, CA 90015-4181. Ph: (213) 763-3686.
Coordinator: Mr. M. Dean, mdean @

"Our focus is to enroll high school graduates into college, not to just graduate students from high school."

The Jefferson H.S. Trade Tech program has 125 students currently enrolled on a satellite campus at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. Our school consists of a special mix of young people with a minimum age of 16 1/2 years old and no older than 20 years old. Participants must be Jefferson High School students and live in the South Central L.A. area. All our students must be juniors in high school and have a minimum of 105 credits. We do not accept students into our program based on grade point average but rather on recommendation, interview and clearance by the Dean of Discipline, Counselor, and Attendance office. We are not a continuation or "last resort" program. We have a staff of four high school instructors, a coordinator, an office manager and two support personnel. Our student population consists of 90% Hispanics and 10% African Americans. We currently have 125 students enrolled in our program. The vast majority of our students have extenuating circumstances in their lives that range from single parenting to full-time employment, history of gang involvement to recent immigrant status. We have students with 4.0 G.P.A's and others struggling to maintain a 1.2. We are truly a diverse group!

Our students attend school from 7:30 a.m. until 3:04 p.m., Monday through Friday. Students are required to take four high school classes from one of our four high school teachers and two college courses from the college staff. Students receive college credit for their college classes and receive high school credit for the classes they take in college as well. What a bonus! Students have access to all college resources and are expected to handle themselves with a college level of maturity. We do not have bells but are firm with respect to punctuality and daily attendance.

The following statistics of our 1996-1997 school year have been very encouraging:

Some of the opportunities afforded by being on a college campus include:

Thanks to Disney, Inc. for donating ten computers for our students!

Updated May 2002

Department Resources and Forms

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