"Teach to Learn"
Not all our students wish to be teachers, but we believe teaching is one of the best ways to learn.  As tutors, mentors, and assistants, TPA students become leaders to children in all grade levels within the Jefferson community.

Mobile Zoo Program

The English Language learner science classes brought ten kinds of reptiles and birds to Harmony Elementary School. Students designed powerpoint presentations about animal adaptations with the help of District 5 science advisor, John Zavalney..

Our Partner Schools: Harmony Elementary School and Carver Middle School

Teacher Prep Academy works with Harmony Elementary School and Carver Middle School to create venues for TPA students to practice teaching strategies. World of Education students go to Harmony to tutor each week. As seniors, TPA students work as interns in our partner schools. In addition, core content classes present lessons to younger students.



TPA students will be trained to act as docents and field trip guides to elementary school students as part of the Los Angeles Zoo's ZooReach program.

Jefferson H.S.