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Jefferson H.S. Technology Plan
Technology Committee, 1995

LAUSD Technology Vision Statement

All schools thoughout the District will have the means to provide a rich technological environment in classrooms for the purpose of enhancing and strengthening students' basic skills, creativity, problem solving abilities, and school-to-work career skills.

Jefferson High School Technology Vision Statement

In keeping with the mission and goals of the Los Angeles Unified School District, Jefferson High School is committed to graduating students who possess the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly complex information-based society. Our goals are to use technology to develop reading, writing and other authoring skills; develop career skills; and use technology to motivate students and help make the process of learning more rewarding for students and teachers.

The ability to process and manipulate information has already become the single most important determiner of economic success for individuals as well as states and nations. In this new information age, effective language acquisition sklls and the ability to gather and distribute information through electronic communication is vital. Students must acquire the reading and writing skills necessary to access, process, and effecitively participate in this expandling flow of information. Therefore, Jefferson High School's vision is to graduate students who are comfortable with and proficient in using educational technology in all its forms as information and resources and to possess the skills to interact with individuals or organizations and agencies through computer telecommunications.


The Jefferson High School Technology Plan has been developed in order to provide a set of guiding principles for the training of faculty and staff, development of instructional programs and teaching strategies, acquisition of hardware and software, and utilization of outside resources within the arena of educational technology. A technology advisory committee has been formed in order to recommend specific actions that need to be taken to meet short- and long-term goals.


  1. Students will use technology as a tool for learning, reading, writing, and research skills.
  2. Technology will be integrated into all courses.
  3. School-wide community will master technological skills.
  4. 4. Students will use modem connectivity to have access and to interact with world-wide information through technology.
  5. Technology through e-mail will be used as a communication tool within the school, the community, and the world.
  6. Students will develop ethical values with regard to the use of technology.
  7. Technology will be used to motivate students to learn.
  8. Students will use technology to create imaginative and innovative solutions to problems.
  9. Students will appreciate the value of technology.
  10. Optimize and utilize existing equiment and train staff to its efficient use.

Preliminary Action Plan, 1995-96

Following are action plans which the Technology Planning Committee believes can be achieved or begun during the 1995-96 school year and which lay the foundation for long term plans.

Action Plan for the Next Three-to-Four Years

The following activities can be achieved over a period of three to four years in order to fulfill long term goals.

Plan for Monitoring and Evaluating

The Technology Planning Committee will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating the progress of the Technology Plan. In order to do so, the committee will...

(UPDATE 10/24/97) Action Plan for the Next Three to Four Years

The following activities can be achieved over a period of three to four years in order to fulfill long-term goals.

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