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NEW: The ISIS system begins March 2006. See this ISIS presentation.

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The Jefferson HS Technology Committee was formed in 1995 under then A.P. Jim Kodani.  The primary goals of this committee are to promote literacy, prepare students with the technological skills required for jobs in the 21st century, and change the way staff works to become more efficient and productive.

California State Guidelines for Successful Programs

Administrative Support
Ongoing Staff Training integrated into Professional Dev.
Successful Classroom Integration
Active Technology Committee


L. Fidler

P. Bailey

Computer Education

R. Jessel

Foriegn Language


Industrial Arts
R. MacCarthy


Language Arts
S. Zuniga

J. Avila

Physical Education
L. Powell

D. Collins

Social Studies
J. Chuang

Special Education
E. Montan

Trade Tech Satellite School
M. Dean

Goals for 2005-2006

Implementation Status
0-15% 20-35% 40-55% 60-70% 75-85% 90-100%

School-wide budget: 
Coordinate all funding sources to support technology integration.

Curriculum Compliance: 
Ensure that curriculum conforms to state standards of classroom integration.

Develop SLC Reps: 
 Continue to train the Dept. Tech Rep. teachers who maintain the 17 Dept. Computer Clusters. Train the team of teachers on how to do basic maintenance and staff support in their respective depts.

Staff Development:
Bring back staff development which addresses the state requirements regarding staff personal proficiency and classroom integration.  Especially important with the ISIS program planned for early 2006.

ISIS Preparation:
All staff should be competent with their district email account and LAUSD Notebook account so that they can access online ISIS announcements and training.

Online Computer Help

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Other Technology Resources Online

Training Opportunities. HTML by Hugo G. Jefferson High School is proud to be selected for the Digital High School Grant and the Jefferson Cluster Technology and Safety Grant. We hope to assist our cluster schools in participating in the E-Rate Program and the Official E-Rate Web Site. For community donations, see the Detwiler Foundation and the LINCT program.And check out Grade Bubbler v2.3 Demo versions. This software allows you to bubble your grades on a Windows or Mac computer.
Integrate Technology into Curriculum/Standards
Staff Development and Training
Build Infrastructure and provide more Hardware
Provide Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Organizations and Vendors
*National Technology Standards-- Technology for All Americans Project
*Benton Foundation
*Big Six information skills
*Big Six Skills game
*CTAP Educator Standards
*Calibrated Peer Review writing program
*Center for Media Literacy
*Citing Internet Resources
*Classroom Connect
*Corona Ave. Multimedia Rubric
*Corona Ave.--Computer use in the Classroom Resources
*Corona Ave.--Technology Benchmarks
*Education Place Class Projects
*Educational Software-Linux
*E-Quill web page marking
*Evaluation of Technology in Teaching and Learning
*Global SchoolNet Class Projects
*GSU WebExchange
*Great Teaching with Technology
*ISTE Standards for Students
*K-12 Computer Standards
*King MS Student Examples
*LAUSD Standards Resources
*LAUSD Instructional Technology Branch
*Lessons tied to Standards
*Library of Congress-American Memory
*Math and Technology
*MS Office Templates
*Online Student Testing
*PowerPoint Scoring tips
*PowerPoint (multi-media) Rubric
*Project-Based Learning with Multi-Media
*Rubicator for Rubrics
*Student Information System
* Spotlight on Effective Teacher Practice in Technology
*Technology Plan Resources
*Survey and voting Perl scripts
*Teaching with Technology
*Technology of All Americans
*Technology and Learning
*ThinkQuest Online Reference Desk
*Tips on Keypal Projects
*Virtual Teaching Tools
*Web base testing: WWWAssign
*Web Calendar
* ZDU Online Classes
*Apple Netready Program
*Citing Internet Resources
*Chicago USD computer lessons *Clarisworks training modules
*CNet Virutual Office
*CORE--Leardership Program for Teachers
*CTAP Educator Standards
*Community Learning Network
*Connected Teacher
*Cram Session
computer training 
*CyberLearning University
*Digital Imaging Lessons
* DHS Training & Support
*ElementK online classes
*Frank Schaffer Prof Dev. Courses
*Free Online Lessons
*GSN Graduate Extension Credit Courses
*Home Page Journal
*Tips on Keypal Projects
*Instructional Technology Services
*LA-SI Prof Dev
*Learning with Technology CD-ROM
*Lightspan classes and resources
*Make ID cards
*ISTE National Tech Standards for Teachers
*LAUSD Tech Centers
*Lightspan Classes
*FTLinux Courses
*M.S. Education
*PC Show and Tell
*Tech Staff Development
*Internet Technical Academy
*T.H.E. Journal Online
*Training Opportunities
*I *Earn
*ZDnet Classes
*Lightspan Classes
*Web Page Tips
*HTML Help
*EDTECH Archives
EDUCAUSE Resources
*Win 95 Training
* Web Calendar
*Bar code and ethernet network
*Challenge Grants
*Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)
*Digital Nervous System
*Linux Resources 
*MS Visual Basic, C++ Academic Offer
*Cisco Networking Acad.
*Partition Magic
*Networking Web Sites
*Structured Cabling
*Breeze Wireless
*SMC wireless NICs
*Technology Use Plant (TUP)
*iMac Floppy
*Video Technology
*CU-See Me
*Pinnacle DV200
*Q-Bar codeLP Bar code
*LabelVision bar codeBar code wand
*Bar code scanner FAQ
*Cisco Networking Acad.
*Deep Freeze Security
*Epson camera troubleshooting
*Free Antivirus from CAI
*NetDay'98, and cable help
*Cat. 5 cable help, more help
*K12 Admin server software
*Free Web Site blocker
*Hard Disk Utilities
*JADTEC Security
*Learning Technologies Institute
*Intel-PC Security
*Linux Terminal Server Project
*Mac Manager
*Mac mice balls
*PC Mouse Ballz
*Mac Upgrading and Repairs
*Mac Ping software
*Mac Repairs
*MS Year 2000 CD-ROM updates
*NAV Updates
*Customize Netscape
*NoWonder tech support
*Service 911 tech support
*Network tools
*PC Guide
*PC Lab tools
*PC Network tools
*NetOps for PC Labs
*Taming printers
*Survey Software
*School Tech Funding Newsletter
*Tech Funding Center
*Windows OS Security
*Backup on the WWW
*Technology Planning and Funding
*Xylan (Alcatel)
*Visual trace route, Cyber Ping, *WhatRoute for Mac
*Free Web Pages:,
*50 Free Downloads
*CISCO Academies and education
*Student School-Wide Computer Test | Student Internet Test Study Guide | School-Wide Computer Use Rules |
*School Technology Funding Directory
*Common Viruses
Symantec Service
* HDD Space
*Apple Education
*Software Updates
*Blackbox Wireless
*Breeze Wireless
* Easy Grade Pro
*FoolProof, LabExpert, updates
*Ascend Pipline
& Cyberian Outpost
*Arey Jones
* Brainium/Dreamwriter
*Pinnacle DV500
*Tangent Computers
*PC Club
*Pasadena Computers
*Compaq Computer Assistance
*Software Catalogs
*CISCO network design, Cisco Seminars, Cisco support
*The ChipMerchant
*CTAP--Statewide Resources
*Digital Duo
*EDUCAUSE Resources
*EDTECH Archives
*Educational Resources--software
*eSchool Online
*From Now On Ed Tech Journal
*International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
*JADTEC Security
*Journal of Technology Education
*KeyServer Thin-Client License Metering
*LA Learning Exchange
*Linux Resources
*M & M Software
*Motherboard Express
*New Internet Computer
*Oreilly Books
*Placeware Web Conferencing
*Palm Pilots in Education
*Palm IIIx and V
*Palm and Handspring
*PC Liquidator
*Pinnacle DV200
*Raidzone servers
* ReadPleaser 2002 *Realm--CD Servers
*Software Discounts
*Snap Server
*Syllabus Journal Online
*T.H.E. Journal Online
*TD Curran--Mac HDs
*Technology & Learning
*Technology Integration Group
*Tegrity Presentation Systems
*U.S. Domain Registration Services
*Valcom Software
*VAX tape drives

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