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Year 2000 (Y2K) Computer Problem
Check your Hardware, BIOS, and Software
Jefferson H.S. Technology Committee. Updated December 29, 1999

    Are your computer system and software Y2K COMPLIANT?  Will your PC encounter any problems in the year 2000? IBM has posted a free software tool which you can download to evaluate your PC for Y2K compliance at   http://www.pc.ibm.com/year2000/evaluation.html . Owners of Microsoft products (Win95/98, Office, Word, etc.)  can get a free MS Year 2000 CD-ROM to update MS products. Domestic US and Canadian customers can become subscribers to the Microsoft Year 2000 Resource CD in two ways. They can call toll-free 1-888-MSFT-Y2K to register or they may go to  http://www.microsoft.com/regwiz/wiz740.asp
and register through the online registration wizard. Downloading all the updates via a modem will take most users too long. For example, first you have to download Internet Explorer 5.0, and that alone will take probably over an hour.

     In general you need to check  the web sites for you PC hardware vendor  (HP, Compaq, Dell, Packard Bell, etc.) and your software vendors (Clarisworks, Quicken, Microsoft, Norton, etc.), You may have to download software fixes there too. If you did not register your software, or are using copies, you have not be able to update your software. This is another good reason why you should purchase your own software and register it.

    Regarding operating systems (OS), Macs built after 1984 are compliant. For PCs with Windows, Microsoft has also prepared a video "Is your computer prepared for the year 2000?", which features well-known host Bill Nye the Science Guy, and industry experts. The video is available for rental free-of-charge at 4300 Blockbuster Video locations throughout the United States. Finally, check the  home page for other MS 2000 resources.

     If  you have a Y2K web site that you would like to suggest, please e-mail the URL. Thanks.


       Year 2000.com  includes articles, software testers and links to several useful resources.

      BIOS Upgrades and more software testers for Windows and DOS computers.

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