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Computer graphic by K. Ballash   Windows 95/98 Dial up Problems
Trouble Shooting
Jefferson H.S. Technology Committee. Updated December 28, 1998

Windows 95/98 users encounter these common problems when dialing up a LAUSDnet or other ISP routers.
Make sure you create more then one Dial-Up Networking file for LAUSDnet and label them (there are four phone numbers--dial-up sites). Each dial-up site has a router and about 200 modems. If that router has a problem, you need to dial other sites to see if the problem is your computer, or their router/modem/ etc. So create dial-up files for LAUSD_310a, LAUSD_310b, LAUSD_213, LAUSD_818.
In Control Panels-->Network make sure Dial-Up Adapter and TCP/IP are installed. If not, use the Add feature to install these adapters and protocols from the Microsoft software.
Add-->Adapter-->Microsoft-->Dial-Up Adapter
TCP/IP AOL is not compatible so make sure Microsoft TCP/IP is installed. If you have only TCP/IP AOL installed, you will get a short connection, then a disconnect (hang up) since this protocol is not standard.
You may need your Windows 95/98 OS CD-ROM to install these features. Vendors such as Compaq include OS files in the windows/CAB directory. You may need to go to that directory to locate necessary files for installation.
Check the window below and make sure Primary Logon Network-->Client for Microsoft Networks
Go through the first 1.5 pages of the LAUSDnet instructions and make sure you have the correct installation for each Dial-Up Adapter file.
Listen to your modem when it dials and see if can locate at what point it fails to connect. Is there a dial tone? Does is dial the prefix? Is there hazing (static) after the dialing?

If you get a busy signal, or have problems with one router, dial up another one to get a better connection.

Remember to always dial up first with your Dial-Up Networking icon, then launch Internet software such as Netscape or Explorer. And then hang up when you are finished by selecting the icon with two computers in the lower right in your Task bar. Once you open the connection window, notice the total time of your on-line session and connection speed are also displayed. Select "Disconnect" to hang up.  Closing Netscape does not terminate your phone line connection.

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