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Transferring Files Between Two Computers
Windows and DOS File Transfer Without a Network
Jefferson H.S. Technology Committee. Updated December 31, 1998

If you have two DOS or Windows 95/98 computers that you would like to transfer a lot of files between, you can do so without installing a network. With a serial cable and the built in "Direct Cable Connection" feature you can transfer large files and folders. Use the Help function in Windows 95

and search for Serial to get "Using a parallel or serial cable to connect to another computer". You will need the feature Direct Cable Connection  installed in your Accessories location. If not, use you Windows 95 OS CD-ROM to install that feature.

The Help section states...

With Direct Cable Connection, you can gain access to shared folders on another computer, even when your computer is not on a network. If the other computer is connected to a network, you can also gain access to that network.
For example, if you have a portable computer, you can use a cable to connect it to your work computer and network.
Remember that once we have department networks installed on campus you will be able to transfer files much faster as long as your computer has an ethernet card (Network Interface Card or NIC). This method of transfer is at a rate up to 10MB per second (much faster that typical modem speeds). Once you plug in and confirgure your computer to the network, you will be able to access files on the file server (computer). So consider what types of files might be commonly used in your department or at school so we know what to place on these files servers for your convenience.
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