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  Printing Articles in ProQuest
Library Rules for Printing
Jefferson H.S. Technology Committee. Updated December 16, 1998

  WARNING!--Remember that you can only print out 5 pages per day maximum without the librarian's prior permission. If you are caught printing out more pages without permission, you can lose your library privileges for a mester. You will not be able to use any of the computers during that time.

        So instead of printing out entire articles in ProQuest, select a few pages under the Range function, or save your article to a disk so that you can view it on another computer later and take notes.

How to Print only Selected Pages:
        (Remember to use ENTER after each command.)

  Enter a keyword for your subject search in ProQuest

Select your article from the list

  Select F4 to PRINT.

  Select "Part of Long Citation..."

  Select Destination-Print

  Choose START

  Select "Range of Items"

  Enter the page numbers that you want. Remember that five pages
are the limit.

  Choose OK.

        Your selected pages should print now in a minute or two. Remember
to take and pass the Library Computer Test if you want the privilege of
using the other computers for reports and projects. The test is offered
during the Computer Club meetings on Wednesdays after school.

    Images Downloaded from Anthony's Icon Library, WWW Images: http://www.cit.gu.edu.au/images/Images.html , December, 1998.

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