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Computer graphic by K. BallashUpdating Norton Anti-Virus (NAV)
Jefferson H.S. Technology Committee. Updated December 31, 1998

Your anti-virus software is only as good as your latest virus definitions file. If the definitions are more then six months out of date, you are vulnerable to the latest viruses. You do NOT have to buy new software, however. You can simply update your copy of Norton Anti-virus (NAV) definitions every month or two to be protected against the latest viruses. Here is the FTP site to update NAV 2.0 for Win 95 to 2.01. If you have a newer version of NAV, it can automatically update the virus definition file for you while you are on the Internet for free for one year. After that you pay for the service.

If you use McAfee anti-virus software, the updates are free at this time. If you use a Macintosh and Virex software, check the Virex web site. Remember that 4-6 new viruses are created every day! Here is a list of the top ten viruses and what they do.

For Windows 3.11/95/98 and Macintosh users you should use your web browser software such as Netscape, or Internet Explorer to download the new NAV virus definitions files from the Norton Download web site at http://www.sarc.com/avcenter/download.html.

For Windows 3.11/95/98 users who would like to use FTP software like WS_FTP, Netscape, or Internet Explorer to download the new virus definitions files from the Norton FTP site:


You can also download anti-virus definitions for Macintosh computers at the same web site.


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