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Science Fair Rubric
Los Angeles County Dept. of Ed., 2/97

A. Creativity (30 points)

  1. The problem is original or is a unique approach to an old problem (considering the student's level)
  2. Equipment and materials are used ingeniously
  3. Interpretation of data is appropiate for student's grade level
  4. Applications of project information shows student's creative involvement
  5. Student shows evidence of understanding that unanswered questions remain
  6. Creativity is evident
Creativity Total _________

B. Scientific Thought or Engineering Goals

Scientific Thought (30 points)

  1. The hypothesis is clearly stated and the project is clearly designed
  2. The project shows depth of study and effort
  3. Project exhibits orderly recording and analysis of data
  4. Sampling techniques and data collection are appropiate for the problem
  5. Scientific procedures are appropiate and organized
  6. Conclusions formulated are logical, based on the data collected, and are revelant to the hypothesis
Scientific Thought Total _________


Engineering Goals (30 points)

  1. The project has clear objective revelant to needs of potntial user
  2. Product or process has been tested
  3. Product or process is both wokable and feasible economically and ecologically.
  4. Project exhibits orderly recording and analysis of data.
  5. Testing procedures are appropriate and organized.
  6. Conclusions are logical and based on the data collected.
Engineering Goals Total _________

C. Thoroughness (15 points total)

  1. The study in complete within the scope of the problem.
  2. Scieniticic literature has been searched.
  3. Experiments ahve been repeated and careful records have been kept.
Thoroughness Total _________

D. Skill ( 15 points)

  1. Special skills needed for construction or use of equipment is evident.
  2. Special mathematical, computational or observational skills are evident.
  3. Project is skillfully desinged so that it yeilds valid, reliable, and accurate data.

Skill Total _________

E. Clarity (10 points total)

  1. The project notebook is well organized, neat, and accurate.
  2. The purpose, procedures and conclusions are clearly outlined and the title accurately reflects the problem.
Clarity Total ___________

Total points for Project _______

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