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Ascend Pipline 50 Router Configuration

From: Barry Fox, socref@earthlink.net, Metropolitan H.S., 5/97
Updated 2/98

I. This Ascend WWW site has information that will assist you: www.ascend.com/679.html. General Ascend support is available at www.ascend.com/service and e-mail support is available at support@ascend.com. It is a good idea to print out a copy in case you have any questions. Go over the site and also copy the tech service 800 #. Refer to the Guide to Direct Connection Configuration with LAUSDnet by Themy Sparangis.

II. You will need the following information before you start.

A. From Pacific Bell (you should have a data card with this info)

B. From ITD (contact Doug Williams or Themy Sparangis, Ph: 213-625-5228)

C. You will need the Pipeline 50 Configuration software diskette

III. Procedures for Windows 95

A. Install software

B. Configure the Router
1. From the Ascend Window select the Ascend 50
2. From the main menu select ISDN

3. From the main menu select LAN

4. From main menu select WAN

5. Select SAVE

When the SAVE is done, the program will ask you to run the test. Do so at this time. All should work well. Good luck.
Barry Fox

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