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Mac Computer Dos and Don'ts
Technology Committee, 2/97

1. Always use Shut Down from the Special menu to turn off the computer. Never simply turn off the electrical power.

2. Turn off the computer and other equipment whenever connecting or disconnecting cables. Plugging in cables (i.e. the keyboard, and printer) could damage the computer. However, you can plug in an AlphaSmart into the keyboard wihtout turning off the computer.

3. Save your work every 10-15 minutes to a floppy disk. That way if you encounter a problem and the software crashes, you only lose 10 minutes of work.

4. Clean the computer and keyboard with a damp cloth only. No cleaners or soaps please. Keep dust, food and drinks away from computer equipment.

5. Don't hold the floppy disks by the metal part.

6. Use a felt pen when writing on the label of a floppy disk, never a pencil. If you have to use a ballpoint, press very lightly.

7. Don't touch the computer screen.

8. Don't move a computer (especially those on carts) while it is turned on. Bumping or moving a computer can damage the hard drive.

9. When you shut down a computer, wait at least 25 seconds before you turn it on again. Use Restart if you intend to use the computer again soon. Starting and stopping the high-speed hard drive wears out the mechanical parts.

10. If the printer seems slow, don't select the print command again until you check the Print Monitor and CANCEL the previous print orders. Otherwise you end up with several copies waiting to be printed.

11. All computers should be set to scan ALL floppy disks for viruses. If you notice that the computer is not scanning each disk, please contact a person in charge of that computer. Help maintain our computers and keep them working!

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