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Technology Inventory Form
Jefferson H.S. Technology Committee, 12/96

Jefferson H.S. Technology Inventory Form

The inventory of equipment is a district mandate and is required for categorical funding compliance. In an effort to update the Jefferson H.S. technology inventory, please fill out this form and return it to Mrs. Preciado whenever you receive new equipment for use on campus and/or with Jefferson students. Thank you.

Your Name: ____________________________ Track: _____ Date: _______

Type of Equipment (check one): computer ___ monitor___ printer ___ scanner___ TV___ VCR___ video camera___ other: ______________

Model Number: ___________________ LAUSD I.D.# (red tag) _________

Manufacturer Serial #: __________________________________________

Dept./Office/program that purchased item: _________________________

Location on campus where equipment will be used: __________________

Location on campus where equipment is stored: _____________________

Any other relevant information regarding the inventory of this equipment: __________________________________________________

Please make sure your equipment is etched and marked with permanent marker: "Jefferson H.S." , your department name, and the LAUSD ID# (red tag number). Etchers are available from the Technology committee and from Mr. Haskel. Do your part to deter theft.

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