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The Early College Academy

From the ninth to the twelfth grades, science classes emphasize labs, and math depth literary analysis and encourage vivid and precise communication skills. Social studies classes emphasize primary document analysis and a program relatively free of cultural biases.

Because the main criterion for student participation is commitment and not scores, basic skills are reinforced by an after-school tutoring and study lab. Reading, writing, study habits, problem solving, and critical thinking are taught across the curriculum.

Students sign a contract upon entry into the program and at the beginning of the each year. The contract spells out the types of activities that colleges are looking for outside of the classroom, such as: community service, SAT and comparable test, extracurricular activities, academic contest participation, etc. Students are asked to participate in a minimum number of these activities per year.

The number one goal of ECA is to get all ECA students into college. Not just any old college, or a "good" college, but the very best college for each ECA member. We believe that high school should be a mixture of hard work, good friends and dedicated teachers. Students participate in all academy decisions and, in this way, are better prepared for the challenges they will face after high school.

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