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Digital H.S. Project Plan

Project Abstract, Overview and Vision, Strategic Goals and Benchmarks

IV. Project Plan
IV.A. Program. The Digital H.S. project plan will support ongoing educational reform efforts in place to increase student achievement. This scope of the project proposes to promote Jefferson's central goal of improved reading and writing literacy skills; involve students and teachers in collaborative projects; broaden and modernize career preparation; improve staff communications and collaboration and improve site based management. Project activities will standardize requirements for computer training for students and for teachers, certify teachers in technology, fully equip a campus with scarce resources, integrate technology into every course and department, provide clearer pathways to help students enter technical occupations, expand the partnerships already established, project the school into the community, draw members of the community physically into the school, increase security to make this interaction probable, and, in the process, increase the motivation, hopes, and achievements of all of our students. The plan begins with computer skills and knowledge.
IV.A.1. Computer knowledge and skills for all students. Most of Jefferson's incoming ninth graders are enrolled in the Introduction to Computers class. The course will be standardized and required for all freshmen. The course will include: basic maintenance; operating system skills; keyboarding; word processing; spreadsheets; databases; multi-media; communication; societal and ethical issues, and information literacy. Three computer labs with thirty work stations each will be used to teach this sixteen week course which will be offered year round in each semester. For those who do not complete the requirements adequately, the course will be offered regularly after regular school hours throughout the year in the LMC and, as needed, in one of the labs. Standardizing this course assures that every entering ninth grader has received comparable instruction and is prepared to use every opportunity for technology integration. Jefferson expects eleven to twelve hundred new ninth graders each year. The new syllabus appears in detail in Appendix E.
IV.A.2. Making technology integral to curriculum, instruction, and assessment
IV.A.2.a. Curriculum Integration. Teachers from each department designed technology uses to delineate a path for technology that weaves through the entire curriculum. These plans are aligned with the LAUSD and State Academic Content Standards, and with recommendations of the WASC Accreditation Review Team.
Subject areas given priority during the first year of installation are the core subjects of English, Math, Science, and Social Science. Developed department plans address enrichment of the academic program through technology, access to learning resources subject by subject, means of individualizing instruction, improved presentation skills, and career preparation. Each core subject department will be supported with at least one multi-media cart which can be checked out for use in any department class. To be used in conjunction with students' Alpha Smart portables, the carts will hold a digital camera, a multi-media computer, an LCD panel, a laser printer and a scanner. Additionally, students and teachers will have access to a fully operational computer Projects Room where a full class of students can complete a multimedia project or assignment in their class subject area. Teachers in core subjects will sign up for use of projects computer lab with our full time Projects Room teacher. In collaboration with Projects Room teacher, core subject teachers can plan and implement lessons that required hardware and/or Internet access. In the second and third year of installation project other departments will be invited to make use of the Projects Room. Classes will schedule the Project Room for specific research, program development projects, and telecommunications research. The Room will be equipped with scanners and a digital camera to complete multimedia projects. Eventually all students will build electronic portfolios which will include senior projects.
The expansion of the LMC and hiring a four hour Aide will promote school and community access and literacy through after hours availability. Additionally, it provides more CD-ROM and Internet access for student research and project development.
Career options will be expanded through the integration of technological advances in printing, drafting, wood shop, and Graphic Arts. Cisco, Inc. is providing free staff training to help set up a computer networking class to prepare students for careers in these areas. Opportunities are also expanded with the introduction of the New Media Arts Academy which will train students in film production through collaborations with the USC and UCLA Schools of Film and Television. The basic courses are Introduction to Film, an Advanced Film Production Workshop, and a Broadcast Journalism Seminar. Upper classmen will choose electives such as animation, set design and construction, and advanced work in film and media in addition to their required core academic courses. This expands to four the Jefferson academies which provide individualized preparation and improved motivation to students.
The Accelerated Reader program will be implemented in all ninth grade English classes. The software allows teachers to quickly diagnose and assess student reading levels, and deliver individualized assignments and tests to improve student reading levels.
Effective implementation of our technology integration plan will support the school's continuing process of curriculum and instructional reform and increased student achievement. This aligns with WASC recommendations, LAUSD standards, key elements of Goals 2000, and State content area standards.
The school-wide plans for technology integration are charted below. Descriptors on the left side of the chart indicate what is in place while the right side describes how Digital High School installation project will enhance instruction in the subject areas.

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