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Installing and Configuring a Video Card
Procedures for connecting a Windows 95/98 computer (with a Trident 9660/968X/938X PCI Video Card) to a Television Display.
Outlined by Randy Sweeney, Science Teacher, Jefferson High School, LAUSD November, 1998

Selecting a Television as a Display Device: BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO PRESS "ENTER" IF YOU CAN NOT SEE THE COMPUTER SCREEN VISIBLE ON THE TELEVISION!!! WAIT 15 SECONDS FOR THE DISPLAY TO RETURN TO THE COMPUTER MONITOR. Clicking on "OK" confirms that the screen is visible on the Television set...and the display is released from the "CRT". Unfortunately, pressing "enter" will select the Television...even if it is not visible. I don't know how you will get a signal back to your computer monitor (CRT) once it is confirmed that you have delivered it to the television set!!! Installing the Trident PCI Video Card Drivers into a Windows 95/98 computer system: At the conclusions of the installation, Windows will ask you if you want to restart your system. This will be necessary in order to have Windows "see" the new drivers which have just been installed. When the system boots, it will leave your Trident Display in 640 by 480 pixels...and your desk top icons may not be properly spaced on your display. If you want to change to 800 by 600 pixels:

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