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Jefferson H.S. Computer Use Quiz
Technology Committee, 1995

Directions:Write your answers on your own paper. You need to pass this test with a 90% in order to use a computer in the Science Dept. Work on your own. Good luck!

True or False

1. T or F, Dust and crumbs are very bad for computers since they block ventilation ports and corrode electrical contacts.

2. T or F, If a cable does not fit, it is OK to force it.

3. T or F, Knocking the cables in the back of a computer can cause serious damage to the components inside.

4. T or F, Heat does not bother computers.

5. T or F, It is OK to turn off a computer by pulling the electrical plug.

6. T or F, You should never use a pencil or ball point pen to write on a floppy disk.

7. T or F, If a virus checking program does not find a virus, then the disk is OK.

8. T or F, Never use a mouse on a dirty surface. The rollers will become clogged with dirt and grease.

9. T or F, When pointing to a screen it is best to touch the glass.

10. T or F, Never bump or move a computer while it is turned on.

11. T or F, It is OK to plug in a cable for a mouse, keyboard, or printer when the computer is turned on.

Directions: Choose the response that best finishes the statement. Record you answers on your paper, not on this test.

12. You can have food or drinks near a computer ...
a. if you eat with one hand.
b. if your teacher says OK.
c. never.

13. To turn off a computer you ...
a. just pull the plug.
b. turn off the switch on the power strip.
c. choose SHUT DOWN or C> prompt first, then turn off the power.
d. just leave it. Your teacher will turn it off.

14. Floppy disks can be written on with a ...
a. pencil
b. felt pen
c. crayon
d. ball point pen

15. When you are done with a floppy disk, you should...
a. eject it (command Y) and give it to your teacher.
b. leave it in the computer.
c. eject it and leave it near the computer.
d. just turn off the computer.

16. Floppy disks can be exposed to...
a. heat
b. magnets and speakers
c. dust
d. none of the above.

17. You should move a computer only...
a. when it is turned on.
b. when it is turned off.
c. when it is not printing.
d. before it starts printing.

18. It is OK to use your own disk in a school computer...
a. only if it has been checked for viruses.
b. only if you teacher says so.
c. when you have to finish a report
d. both a and b.

19. If a disk does not easily go into a disk drive, you should...
a. not attempt to insert it.
b. try it upside down.
c. keep pushing until it works.
d. touch the metal part with your fingers.

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