Jefferson H.S.

Syllabus: Introduction to Computers
One Mester, 5 credits, Course #: 180103

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Course Exit Requirements

Students will meet the LAUSD Computer Literacy Graduation Requirement. (Reference Guide No. M-52) and complete the Student Performance Portfolio  Students will use their school network file saving account with username and password.  Students will return signed AUP forms and understand the AUP issues and requirements.  Students will pass the Internet test and be able to effectively use their LAUSDnet account. 


Introduction to Computers: Student Portfolio v2.0

The Introduction to Computers class at Jefferson High School is required for all students, preferably in the ninth grade. One of the requirements for the class is to complete the following assignments and save the work to a floppy disk. Students will demonstrate their level of performance by completing the following :
Word Processing Create a one page resume including personal information (can be sample info), educational experience, work experience, educational goals, career goals.
Word Processing Create a plan for four year schedule of classes using tables. Indicate required and elective classes.
Word Processing Create a one page announcement flier using clip art. Show the use of two fonts, regular and italic styles,
Word Processing Create a one page newsletter using two columns. 
Spreadsheet Create a spreadsheet which calculates the expenses of a birthday party attended by ten members and involving eight purchases.
Spreadsheet Create a spreadsheet which calculates the deductions for ten employees, including state and federal taxes, social security, health  insurance, disability, retirement.
Spreadsheet Create a bar graph based on the birthday party spreadsheet and paste it  into a word processing document. Explain the graph in that one page.
Spreadsheet Create a pie graph based on the employee payroll spreadsheet and  paste it into a word processing document. Explain the graph in that one page.
Database Create a database inventorying six CDs, recording artist, song composer, record company, year, song titles, music categories, song length.
Database Create a report based on the CD database.
 Presentation Create an eight page presentation that displays a clear, logical sequence  using good word processing skills.
 Presentation Create a three page html presentation that is logically linked.
 Research Skills Reference content downloaded from the Internet: Two images and two text references.
AUP One page essay on in the importance of respecting Intellectual property rights and correctly referencing content.
AUP One page essay on the importance of every organization that provides Internet access to enforce an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
AUP Pass the Jefferson High School  LAUSDnet Student Internet test and get an LAUSDnet account.

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