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Students  working on computers and cat 5 cables. Photo by K. Ballash The Computer Club is starting a skills badge system whereby students will recieve a certificate for mastering each level of skills and proficiency. The program includes technical writing exercises. Students can progress at their own pace. We hope students will be able to this computer skills portfolio to assist in getting interships, jobs, and credit for community service when applying to colleges. The program is outlined below. The club meets on a regular basis after school. Contact Mr. Ballash at kballa01 @ for more information.

Computer Hardware and Software Skills Levels v1.0
Level 1 Word Processing and other file formats Type 20 wpm Create a basic spread sheet Create a basic database Name computer parts Get an LAUSDnet account Demonstrate E-mail config, reply, forward, attachment Write HOWTOs on all Level 1 topics
Level 2 Basic DOS commands SS Chart and formulas DB query Install RAM, FD, HDD Windows System Devices and find drivers Create a web page with Netscape Composer Scan a page as JPEG, GIF, text Use keyboard shortcuts in place of mouse
Level 3 Use DOS, fdisk, format, switches Network configuration, winipcfg Create and test Cat 5 cables Install master and slave HDD. Set jumpers Create CD-RW data disk, format Use text editor and basic HTML tags in web page Download and crop digital camera files Write HOWTOs on all Level 3 topics
Level 4 Install OS and use multiple partitions Use DOS commands ping, ipconfig,  Use msconfig, edit autoexe file Configure a printer to share. Share a folder Record sound file onto CD-RW in MP3 format Create web presentation with 6 pages Troubleshoot links and images that do not load in html file Write HOWTOs on all Level 4 topics
Level 5 Edit Registry Create a batch file Create a LAN with hub and ethernet Share folders and printer on LAN FTP to and from a file or web server Config BIOS Create HTML form Write HOWTOs on all Level 5 topics

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Graphic by Armando P. Updated May 2002.

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