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Academic Probation Program
JEFFERSON H.S., For School Year 1999-2000
Updated  February  9, 1999

During the Fall, 1998 semester the School Site Leadership Council (SSLC) approved a Curriculum & Instruction Committee proposal to institute an Academic Probation Program at Jefferson High School.  The program’s purpose is to encourage students to take greater responsibility for their school success.

Program Description:

Beginning with the 1999-2000 school year (July, 1999), all 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students who fail two or more academic classes (English, ESL, Math, Science, Social Science) at the four week progress report will receive a “Notice of Impending Academic Probation.”

Intervention for these students will be mandatory after school or Saturday
 tutoring.  Parents will be notified via mail and the automatic dialer.

  At the mid-term report card, students who are failing two or more classes will  again be mandated to attend tutoring sessions.  Parents of these students will
 be requested to attend a meeting regarding their potential status.

At the final report card, students who fail two or more academic classes will be placed on Academic Probation for the following semester.

  Students on Academic Probation must attend either Intersession, Period 7 class,  Adult School or Abe Freidman to make up at least 10 credits before the start of the  next semester.

Students who do not complete the requirements of the Academic Probation program within the required time will be considered ineligible for participation in extra curricular activities, including athletic teams.

Students  on Academic Probation at the close of the Spring 2000
 Semester will not be programmed for classes in July, 2000.  They and their
 parents will be required to attend an Academic Probation conference during the week before the new school year begins.  A decision will be made at that time regarding the student’s school placement.

Mrs. Clopton, AP, Academic Probation 1999-2000

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