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Requisition Form Directions

Updated January 15, 1999

Correctly preparing and filling out a requisition form for an order will improve the chances that your order will be processed efficiently and the equipment arrives quickly. These guidelines are posted to help teachers and Department Chairs prepare and process requisition forms (purchase orders).


Requisition form: (req) The yellow, triplicate, legal size form that your first fill out to order supplies.
SPO: School Purchase Order number, or P.O. for purchase order. This number is not on the req and is assigned only  when the order is filled with the LAUSD purchasing office.
Report of Goods Received: (rgr) The blue, triplicate form  used to verify that merchandise has arrived and is in good condition. Must be signed before the vendor is paid.
Packing Slip: The slip from the vendor and including information on the order. The invoice.
IMA: The Instructional Materials Account that is assigned departments. Use for purchasing school supplies. Account 4170.

Summary of the Purchasing Process

  1. Teacher, usually dept. chair, fills out req form completely and submits it to the principal for approval and signature. Orders must be over $50, otherwise use Impress funds.
  2. Financial manager (student store) verifies that sufficient funds are in the account.
  3. Textbook clerk inputs req forms into LAUSD's computerized ordering system. SPO number is assigned and written on req.
  4. Teacher gets copy of submitted req with SPO# and date of submission.
  5. Merchandise should arrive in 2-4 months, usually to Plant Manager's office.
  6. Teacher checks packing slip and verifies merchandise condition, sends packing slip to textbook manager, signed with date or arrival.
  7. Teacher signs and dates blue Report of Goods Received form to verify merchandise arrived. or signs list maintained in the plant manager's office.
  8. Textbook or purchasing manager pays vendor.

Key Points to Remember

Trouble Shooting Your Lost Order

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