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AlphaSmart Quick Start Directions
Technology Committee, 2/97. Updated August, 1999.

Portable word processors such as the AlphaSmart units are a great way to get your students to do more writing. Students can write up outlines, essays, scripts, articles and even then text for web pages and PowerPoint presentations. By using commas and spaces, they can type up data for spreadsheets and databases too. And since they don't waste time with formatting and "font fiddle", they spend more time concentrating on writing, not layout. Once the first one or two drafts are completed, then you give them permission to copy the text into a Clarisworks, MS Word, Netscape Composer, or PowerPoint file on the computer. It is like having a cluster of computers in your classroom. However, you only need one computer in the classroom and about 10 to 15 word processors since only completed assignments are downloaded into the computer.

It is important to follow these steps completely in the order they are given. You should save student files to a 3.5 inch floppy disk as a backup. Make sure all disks are scanned for viruses. If not, please report this to the computer coordinator.

Step One--Using the AlphaSmart Pro.

Step Two--Transferring Text to a Computer. Step Three--Finishing the Process.
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