Herrick Avenue Elementary School


Herrick Avenue School is a pre-K through fifth grade elementary school located in the Northeastern part of the San Fernando Valley, in the community of Sylmar, California. Herrick is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District, District 2. The enrollment is approximately 650 students, consisting of the following ethnic groups: American Indian, Asian, African-American, Hispanic, White, Filipino, and Pacific Islanders. Our school API is 784!


The Learning Community of Herrick Avenue Elementary is dedicated to academic excellence, the value of self and others, and being creative and logical thinkers in a multicultural world.


"Learners today, leaders tomorrow"



La primaria Herrick Avenue consiste de los grados de prekinder a quinto grado. Esta localizada al noreste del valle de San Fernando en la comunidad de Sylmar, California. Herrick es parte del Distrito Unificado de Los Angeles y especificamente del Distrito 2. Tenemos aproximadamente 650 estudiantes inscriptos en Herrick que pertenecen a diversos grupos etnicos. °Nuestro puntuaje acadÈmico (API) es 784!


La Comunidad de Aprendices de la escuela Herrick Avenue esta dedicada a la excelencia academica, el valor de si mismo y otros, y ser creativos y logicos en un mundo multicultural.


"Aprendices hoy, Lideres manana"

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