Haskell Elementary is a California Distinguished School

Month At A Glance


       6-10 Parent Conferences Week
7   Banked Day - Dismissal @ 1:38 P.M. / Tuesday Tutoring Rm. 12
8   Minimum Day #2 - Parent Conferences - Dismissal 1:24 P.M.
9   Minimum Day #3 - Parent Conferences - Dismissal 1:24 P.M.
10  Minimum Day #4 - Parent Conferences - Dismissal 1:24 P.M.
13  PTA Board Meeting
14  Coffee With the Principal @8:15 in the Parent Center
      Banked Day - Dismissal @ 1:38 P.M. / Tuesday Tutoring Rm. 12
      SSC/SBM @ 3:00/4:00 in Library
15  Holiday Performances 8:30 / 11:00 / 1:00
      CEAC/ELAC Council Elections @ 6:00 p.m. in Library
16  Character Counts Assemblies 8:15 / 9:35 / 10:45
17  Last Day of School

     School resumes on Monday, January 10th @ 8:10

What does T.E.A.M. mean to you? At Haskell Elementary and Math/Science Magnet School T.E.A.M. means Together Everyone Achieves More. A generosity of spirit and dedication to teaching every child is producing a powerful learning environment and a waiting list for every seat. The bright, beautiful campus sends the clear message: Haskell is a place where students grow and learn. Our API scores prove it. They have increased 170 points, from 665 in 2000 to 835 in 2009/2010. Our Title I Academic Achievement Awards echo this team spirit and our school’s mission. Haskell knows the winning combination is having everyone on the team. Every student, every parent, every teacher, and every staff member commits to the T.E.A.M., pledging to reach for academic mastery and beyond.

Our students enjoy a state-of-the-art media center, circuit training equipment, exciting arts programs, and hands-on gardening in a safe, positive environment. They are known by name and are expected to take responsibility for their part in the team’s success. Students consistently show they are ready for the next challenge as scores continue to rise. Our ELLs are reaching proficiency and being reclassified at a rate of 25%, almost twice that of our district.

Haskell’s inimitable style even makes extended learning and good character a spirited team enterprise. Special invitations are sent to students for programs like Club One, a language enrichment program during recess, The Lunch Bunch, dedicated to fluency practice, and The Homework Club, for after-school help. The school-wide Best Behavior Program, “Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible” captures student enthusiasm with “front-of-the-line” flags for these simple, but exemplary, behaviors; and good manners are celebrated at the Manners Table.

Our parents take advantage of adult learning classes, as well as resources and materials provided by our coaches that support learning at home. In return, they show their approval and support the team by facilitating a 95% attendance rate, volunteering in every classroom, and dedicating over 2000 hours, and counting, to the PTA.

The staff at Haskell, like any successful team, has stability at its core. We have twenty staff members who have been at Haskell for more than ten years, three who attended Haskell as students, and two lifelong friends, seventy years young, who volunteer in kindergarten! An intrepid team of teachers, lovingly called the MOPTOPs, Monitor Our Progress on the Title One Plan and keep us aligned to our purpose of serving every child, every day.

Community members are also in the team line-up. Washington Mutual boosts math skills and responsibility with banking on campus every Friday. We partner with CSUN to train the next generation of teachers and administrators. Donations of time and resources from the YMCA, Albertson’s, and Target give us an extra edge in making a difference in every child’s life.

Haskell’s students, parents, staff and community take pride in having everyone on the team, because Together Everyone Achieves More, and together our team will keep on achieving!

Haskell Elementary School.

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