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Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy is ranked #3 out of 978 among Title One Schools in the CORE

blue ribn

  • Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy has the National Distinction of being a No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon School. This award honors schools that are models of excellence and equity, that demonstrate a strong commitment to educational excellence for all students, and that achieve high ascademic standards.
  • cadistin
  • Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy was recognized with this prestigious award because of our rigorous academic expectations for all students. These expectations are based on California state-adopted standards, regular and systematic monitoring of student progress through a variety of assessments, a strong core curriculum, highly qualified and caring teachers, and strong professional development.
  • usnews
  • U.S. News and World Report have classified Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy as one of the best high schools in California and the nation. We ranked 15th in California and 100th in the United States.

  • The National Title I Association has been selecting examples of superior Title I school programs for national recognition through the National Title I Distinguished Schools program since 1966. In 2010, Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy was selected as a National One Distinguished School based on Exceptional Student Performance for Two or More Consecutive Years.

    This award recognizes schools that demonstrate a wide array of strengths, including team approaches to teaching and learning, focused professional development opportunities for staff, individualized programs for student success and strong partnerships between the school, parents, and the community. What make these schools especially extraordinary are the documented student achievement gains that have resulted from their innovations.



  • This is HTPA's website; however, it is still under construction.
  • February 27 - Open house
  • Home Coming Dance

The dance is in Long Beach on Saturday February 22th and food will be provided. Cost of tickets listed. Please see your rep for ticket purchase. PTSA members will receive $45 pricing for the month of December.
Jan 13 - 17 = $45
Jan 20 - 24 = $45
Jan 27 - 31 = $50
Feb 3 – 7 = $55
Feb 10 – 4 = $60
Feb 17 – 21 = $65
@ Door         =$70
All invites      = $65
  • Seniors pay your Dues

  • 2014 Incoming 9th grades

    Thank you for applying at HTPA and participating in the interview process. Acceptance letters will be mailed in April.

  • Students accepted into HTPA will be expected to attend Summer Bridge. A two week program tentatively scheduled for July 28 thru August 8, 2014
  • WASC

  • WASC will be visiting our campus in the spring and our staff is working to ensure that our school program continues to be data driven and focused on a systematic cycle of continuous improvement. We will continue to offer various meetings to ask for parent input and involvement directly related to our WASC accreditation process! We need our parents!

  • API
    Congratulations teachers, staff and students on your API score of 921. Due to your hard work, commitment to academic excellence and perseverance, HTPA is the shining star of the South bay!


Jupiter Grades

  • Parents have instant access to all High School grades. Parents can set automatic alerts for low grades, and missing assignments. Students and parents can login securely to check grades, homework, download files, and view announcements and calendar notices