Our Gifted and Talented Education program

In previous years, students meet by grade level and were instructed by Mr. Ehrlich in the Computer Lab for 50 minutes once a week. Students also worked on projects for 50 minutes during Independent Work Time in their classrooms.

This year, as mandated by the state of California, all GATE students receive differentiated instruction in their classroom every day.

4th Grade
5th Grade
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Grant Elementary GATE Science Discovery Program


Week 1 Choose a domain of scientific study; (Physical, Biological, or Earth Science) Focus on a scientific question (hypothesis) ∑ Does Baking Soda lower the temperature of water? ∑ Do sugar crystals grow better in distilled or tap water?

Week 2 Refine the steps of the scientific method Do research on topic, compile data Begin to build project

Week 3 Polish project Begin to construct presentation

Week 4 Present finished project Answer hypothesis for a group: (What happened?) Create new question…. Why?

Week 5-6 During the same time frame, create an expository essay on why the project happened the way it did. 3rd grade = 3 paragraph essay, 4-5th grade = 5 paragraph essay. Both essays will be well developed with much detail and clarity. Teacher for a day!

Due to the fact that application is the highest order of thinking, the students will be required to teach the class what they have learned. They will use their projects, expository essays, power point presentations, overheads, and their voices to instruct the teacher and the class how and why their scientific concept worked or didn’t work.

Science Standards covered: Grade 3 I&E 5 (a-e) Grade 4/5 I&E 6 (a-f) including all standards listed under one of the three scientific domains.

5th Grade G.A.T.E.

Second Semester Project - News Broadcast

During the second semester of the 2005 - 2006 year, we will form two groups to make a five-minute news broadcast about our school. Each group will plan, film and edit their own newscast. These projects will be shared during their Culmination ceremony at the end of the year.

The groups will be responsible for:

• Writing the script

• Rehearsing

• Creating a studio set

• Video taping with a digital movie camera

• Editing with computers and iMovie

• Revising

• Presenting your finished work to the Grant community.

Each group will need their members to do the following jobs:

• Script Writers

• Proofreaders

• Cue card Makers

• On Air Talent

• Computer Editors

• Public Relations Specialists

• Project Leaders


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