AB961             High Priority Schools

ACE                Adolescent Community Empowerment

ACT                Achievement Test

ADA                Average Daily Attendance

ALC                Academic Leadership Council

AP                   Advanced Placement or Assistant Principal

API                  Academic Performance Index

APSCS            Assistant Principal Secondary Counseling Services

AR                   Accelerated Reader


BCC                Bilingual Certificate of Competency

BCLAD           Bilingual Cross-Cultural Language Acquisition Development Credential

BTSA              Beginning Teachers’ Support and Assessment


CA                   California

Cal Works       State Funded Welfare to Work program through Department of Social Services

CAHSEE         California High School Exit Exam

CBI                  Community Based Education

CBOP              Career Based Opportunities Program

C-CAP                        Careers Through the Culinary Arts Program

CDE                California Department of Education

CELDT            California English Language Development Test

CHE                Consumer Home Economics Comprehensive Core

CLAD              Cross-Cultural Language Acquisition Development Credential

CL 26              Class roster with selected student information

CSF                 California Scholastic Federation

CSU                California State University

CSULA           California State University, Los Angeles


DHS                Digital High School

DRWC            Developing Readers and Writers’ Course


EIA                  Economic Impact Aid

EIA/LEP          Economic Impact Aid/Limited English Proficient

EIA/SCE          Economic Impact Aid/State Compensatory Education

EL                    English Learner

ELA                 English Language Arts or East Los Angeles

ELAC              East Los Angeles College

ELD                 English Language Development

ELL                 English Language Learners

ER                   Educable Retarded

EO                   English only

ESL                 English as a Second Language

ESLR               Expected School-wide Learning Results.  At Garfield they are called “Our School-wide Goals:  The Three Cs


FAFSA            Federal Financial Aid

FEP                 Fluent English Proficient

FTE                 Full-time equivalent


GATE              Gifted and Talented Education

GEAR UP        Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Program

GHS                Garfield High School

GPA                Grade Point Average


High Point!       Standards-Based text and program used in LAUSD ESL program


IEP                  Individualized Education Plan

IFEP                Initial Fluent English Proficient

II/USP             Immediate Intervention for Under-performing Schools Program

IMA                 Instructional Materials Account


JPL                  Jet Propulsion Lab

JROTC            Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps


Language!        2 hour block Language Arts course for students reading at 3rd grade level or below, focuses on phonemic awareness

LA                   Los Angeles

LAC                Los Angeles County

LAUSD           Los Angeles Unified School District

LEP                 Limited English Proficient


MLTA             Multi-Lingual Teacher Academy

MS                  Middle School


NASA             National Aeronautics Space Administration

NCEE              National Council on Education and the Economy


OT                   Opportunity Transfer


PA                   Public Address

PE                    Physical Education

PEP                 Personalized Education Plan

PRC                 Permit to re-enter class

PREP               Preparing for Redesignation to English Proficient

PSA                 Pupil Services and Attendance

PSAT               Pre-Scholastic Aptitude Test

PTSA               Parents, Teachers, Students Association


Ramp Up         2 hour block Language Arts course for students at 6th grade reading level

RFEP               Redesignated Fluent English Proficient

ROP                Regional Occupational Program

ROTC              Reserve Officer Training Corps

RSP                 Resource Specialist


SAT                 Scholastic Aptitude Test

SAT9               Stanford 9 Norm Referenced Exam

SB1882           Senate Bill that provides funds for Professional Development

SB1969           Senate Bill regarding criteria and training to teach sheltered classes

SDAIE             Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English

SDMC             Shared Decision Making Council

SEA                 Soledad Enrichment Agency

SIS                  Student Information System


TA                   Teacher Assistant

TELACU         Talent Search and Upward Bound

TUPE               Tobacco Use Prevention


UC                   University of California

UCLA              University of California Los Angeles

UPP                 University Preparatory Program

US                   United States

UTLA              United Teachers of Los Angeles


VC                   Visiting Committee


WASC             Western Association of Schools & Colleges