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Gardner St. Elementary School

Gardner St. Elementary School

        7450 Hawthorn Avenue

        Hollywood, CA  90046

Established  1910

    Phone:   (323) 876-4710

         Fax:  (323) 878-0954

oolwide notices go home EACH THURSDAY.  All students have a special folder for school-to-home-to-school communications. Be sure to check
these folders every Thursday! 

Please review the any calendars, scheduling information, and notices along with any Los Angeles Unified School District policy documents. Immediately sign and return items where indicated.

On behalf of all of the great employees of Gardner Street Elementary School, I thank you for your continued support and involvement at Gardnerville!   

Kenneth L. Urbina, Principal



Kenneth L. Urbina

Welcome to our 2011-2012 School Year

Los Angeles Unified School District

Updated: 4/13/2012

Updated: 4/13/2012

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Congratulations to our Community of

Supporters, Learners, and Teachers -

Gardner St. Elementary School is now a

2012 California Distinguished School !