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Mexican History

  Hola, my webpage is going to talk about Mexico's early history.It will talk about the aztec empire, Spanish conquistadors invade Mexico, and the Mexican-American war.

The Aztecs


The aztecs were ancient warriors who lived in the region of Mexico. When the aztecs found their home, they were told by their gods that when they find the eagle eating the snake they would find find their new home. Also, that famous eagle became part of the mexican flag.

Spanish Conquistadors invade Mexico


 The Spanish conquistadors invaded the aztecs home and took over. Their leader in this invasion was a man named Hernan Cortes. Cortes was a spanish explorer who became most famous for his conquering of the aztec empire.



Mexican-American War


 The Mexican-American war was one of Mexico's most remebered war. It lasted from 1846 to 1848. The war was won by the U.S because of their advantage of soldiers. The U.S army had 78,700 soldiers while the Mexican army had 25,00-40,00 soldiers. Thanks to that victory, the U.S conquered New Mexico, California, Texas, and some other states that are now part of the United States.