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White SiberianTiger

The life of a white siberian tiger can be amazing. As an animal close to extinction, the white tiger is something to be worried about. There are very few of these animals: so many are in captivity, at zoos or in other places. There is only a small number of 5,000 to 7,400 tigers are left in the wild to roam free in their original habitat. Many scientists are finding a way to help the white tiger stay alive.


The Habitat

A white siberian tiger usually livesin cold, snowy, habitats. They like to live in the forest because it is easier for them to hunt their prey. They are carnivores, that means that they eat meat and not herbs or anything else.




Why the Tiger is Becoming Extinct

The tiger is becoming extinct because many peaple hunt them. They hunt them because of their fur and meat. Another reason why they are becoming extinct is because of loss of habitat. They are losing their habitat because people are destroying it to make cities or other things.

Life Cycle