Fernangeles Elementary is proud to be one of Los Angeles Unified School District's most innovative schools. Located in the north eastern portion of the San Fernando Valley, Fernangeles is a multi-track, year-round school with a diverse student population. As a first-phase LEARN school, we remain committed to the LEARN process; we are continuing the positive reforms initiated by LEARN to assist community members and help our students reach their maximum potential.


Fernangeles Elementary School is a reflection demographically of the surrounding Sun Valley community. We are a large school, on a year-round calendar, with a population of approximately 66 faculty members and 1,100 students. Under class size reduction we added seven new classrooms in grades 1 and 2. We now have 50 classrooms.

Our Fernangeles Elementary staff is committed to providing a welcoming, safe and supportive educational setting for all school community members.   Collaboratively we will provide students with a rigorous, standards-based education that is accessible to all, so that all students can achieve their maximum potential in an environment of accountability and integrity.