English, Co-Coordinator


Mr. Warhaftig earned a B.A. in Social Thought and Institutions from Stanford University and is a National Board Certified Teacher. A Fairfax graduate who lives in the community, his goal for the Magnet is "to produce academically sound creative artists with a genuine appreciation for language, literature, and the past."

In addition to his work at Fairfax, Mr. Warhaftig has broad experience in designing and implementing professional development programs for teachers. He co-founded the Los Angeles Philhamonic's Music for Educators, and for eleven years was a member of LAUSD’s Point Credit Committee, which reviews and approves salary advancement classes for teachers.

From December, 2004 through June, 2007, Mr. Warhaftig was an "outside member" of the Board of Education's Audit, Business and Technology (ABT) Committee.

Mr. Warhaftig is skeptical about the use of computers and the internet in schools. He has written for Education Week, Teacher Magazine, and other publications, and he served as coordinator of Learning in the Real World, a nonprofit clearinghouse concerned with the pros and cons of technology in education and childhood.

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