I first drew, with the intent to draw, at the age of nine. It wasn't until high school that my drawing talents were confirmed by the Art Instruction Schools company (I guess I was able to draw their pirate and their turtle). My parents sponsored the first half of this popular and expensive mail-in art program. When funds dried up, they enrolled me in a portrait workshop at Santa Monica College while I attended high school.
Enjoying my experience at Santa Monica College after high school, I became a full-time student taking just about every available art class. This allowed me to experiment with various art media at minimal cost. I eventually earned my Bachelors in Fine Arts at the University of Southern California. I later earned my teaching credentials and masters degree at Cal State L.A. while teaching at the same time. Since 2008, I've been teaching art at the high school level.
I am an avid collector of art books and illustrations. During my free time, I attend workshops by artists that I respect, adding to my professional development in both traditional and digital arts. I also really love the art of storytelling and the way in which film directors, screenwriters, illustrators, and comic artists pull at the emotional.

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