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Parents and community members are co-educators at Eshelman Avenue Elementary School. We strive to empower parents and community members to better help educate our students.


Here you will find ideas and suggestions to help children.

(Homework help from Encarta Encyclopedia)

(Parenting Magazine)

(Health and safety information about children)

(Los Angeles County Department of Social Services)

(California Department of Social Services)

(Help with health insurance for children)

(A safe internet portal for children)

(Another child-safe internet portal for children)

(National Geographic Magazine)

(NASA for children)

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Community Members

Are you a business or community visionary interested in becoming part of a modern, practical, and inspirational group of sponsoring Community Partners for Eshelman Avenue Elementary School?

A Sponsoring Community Partner’s contribution can range anywhere from personal volunteerism, to providinging occasional services or goods, through significant, ongoing financial support. We are flexible and creative and welcome any suggestions as to how your business or organization could assist us in realizing our dreams and achieving our goals.

Won’t you please take a moment to consider how you may contribute to creating a brighter, broader, and more secure future for many of Lomita’s youngest citizens?

Please contact our Principal, Millie Mladinich, for more information.

(A letter of recognition, which includes our tax exempt ID number and the details of you contribution, will be provided upon request.)



Eshelman Avenue Elementary School has been serving the families of Lomita for more than 70 years. Through wars, Depression, economic ups and downs, socio-demographic changes, and political upheavals, Eshelman has quietly gone about the business of educating children.

Daily life in 2006 is certainly different from 1926! With the hectic pace of life nowadays, families are often hard-pressed to fulfill all of the needs of their youngest members.

This is where you come in. If you can give just an hour a week, you could make a significant difference in the life of a child. There are many volunteer opportunities available to you here at Eshelman.

Working in a classroom, as a component of our literacy program, as a participant in one of our annual activities such as Read Across America Day or Career Day, or acting as a one-to-one mentor/tutor are only a few of the possible contributions that you could make to our school community.

If you feel that you have time or talent to share with our Eshelman “Family”, please contact Millie Mladinich for more information.





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