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Literacy Tips

Better readers are better learners. Most of us would agree with this statement. Two of the most important ways that parents can encourage their child to become a better reader are by helping their child to develop a rich and varied vocabulary and by reading with their child each day.

    • Reading with your child sends a powerful message to your child – reading is important. Most children learn better when they are comfortable and feel secure.

    • You can make this shared time fun time by reading in different locations (in different rooms in your home, outside, in the car, under the covers with a flashlight), by reading at different times of the day, and by reading things other than books (cereal boxes, magazines, billboards, signs in stores).

    • Make up flashcards using drawings or pictures cut from magazines or newspapers.

    • Play word games like 20 Questions or I Spy.

    • Ask your child questions about stories you have read or television shows or movies you have watched. Ask questions like, “Why do you think that happened?” or “Why did she do that?” or “If you could write the ending, would you change something about this story?”.

    • Take “Word Walks”. While walking around your neighborhood or the park or the mall ask your child to name various things. Be sure to be as specific as possible. Have your child use colors, shapes, distances, relationships to other objects or places, and size words to describe what you he/she is looking at.

    • Don’t give up. If a person reads just twenty minutes per day, by the end of one year he or she will have read approximately ONE MILLION words!



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