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Technology Purchasing Information

Last change - August 4, 2009
Some information and links may be outdated


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LAUSD Microsoft Voucher Page

Digital TV Conversion Broadcasting Information
FCC site here.
Antenna Selection and channel availability by address or zipcode here.
Many Consumer Reports articles for public viewing on HD converter selections here.
Consumer Reports public list of converter ratings here.

Microsoft Compatibiltiy Packs for Mac Office 2004 and XP Office 2003
for Mac Office 2004 here go to bottom of page for the Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.5.3 Update download
for XP Office 2003 here

Need Site Inventory Information?
Computer Asset Tracking- Arey Jones

For items delivered by Arey Jones on entire PO#, one computer, or what computers came on the same order with a given computer. Works with items delivered by Arey Jones since ___.


LAUSD Inventory Site
SSO required -- allow Certificate

Computer Purchasing for Schools and Offices
LAUSD is purchasing computers from Apple, Gateway, Dell, HP/Compac, and IBM/Loveno at this time.
See YELLOW table for vendor links.
Do not buy computers outside of the LAUSD provded vendors.

1. InkJets are generally a poor investment in terms of supply costs and labor to support.
2. All printers should have a network card so its use can be flexible as needs change.
3. Order a three years warrantee. New printer models often have design or production flaws that appear months after a new model goes on sale. These flaws are costly when they appear after the one year warrantees have expired.
KIS Computers is the source for ordering printers.
Toner Particulate Air Pollution Links
See study particulate emisions of laser printer toners here.
Locate emissions ratings a number of some printers at the bottom of the article here.

Toners and replaceable printer supplies through StoresWarehouse
Check with District Stores Warehouse
for certain replaceable printer supplies 562.654.9009 or

CalSAVE List of Vendors - a good starting point for software and non-computer hardware

Audio Visual Online AV Library Catalog for Checkout/Reserving Videos
The Audiovisual Media Library is at Adams Plaza, 1545 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90017.
Teachers can log in to:
and click on the "Online AV Library Catalog" and see what is available for checkout. They are able to reserve the video online. The videos can be picked up or sent to one of the four science centers. For further information call 213.207.2231.

CLRN Software Evaluation Site | Classified Technology Positions

Software Purchase Approved Selection List
This site has been under development for several years with many teacher based evaluations.
Evaluations have no longer being done since 2004.

SSIS Purchasing Link for Printers and Desktops | LACOE Media Services | LACOE CTAP

Staff Development Vendors | Purchasing Branch | Sources of Discounted Software for Software including Microsoft | More Microsoft | Microsoft for Donated Computers | Microsoft Product Key Registration

Linux OS CDs | StarOffice | Projection and AV Devices | Battery Backup Links | Palm Links

Epson | M.A.G.I.C.

CDW formerly Warehouse MacWarehouse DataWarehouse | GovConnection A PC Connection Company

SMARTBoard | Promethean

Inkjet Cartridge Replacement| Microlink, Inc | Network and Technology Support Companies | Network Printers from AB2882 (Lexmark)

LAUSD Site Licenses | Easy Grade Pro | Security | Furniture | InkJet Cartridge Vendor

Grade Bubbler | Easy Grade Pro | MacOS 8.1 Purchasing | Inspiration Kidspiration + Palm Versions

Future Need | Corwin Press (Books and Lessons)

CLAAS |Symantec | UltraKey Typing Tutor  | All The Right Type | PC Liquidators (used parts)

ID Equipment Branding Iron Sources | Waterford | Video Cassette Duplicating |JamSoft Cmac image Deployment

Furniture for Our Youngest Students | Touch Screens |CAD Software | Special Ed Products for K-12

KidPix 3.0 and PrintShop 2.0 from MacKiev

Jefferson HS Secondary Technology Course and Reference Page | ImageBlender MediaBlender

iStorm - Collaboration Document, Active Math, Chalkboard, Voice Software for Apple 10.2+( <20 @ $100)

SubEthaEdit for Document Building Apple 10.3(free for ed. use) | Document Cameras | Accelerated Reader

Free Sound, Image, and Video Sources | Powerpoint Narration Software | Grokker (unique search software)

Assistive Technologies | Data Recovery | Drivers | CD sleeves cases protection | Learning Resources |

Webstreaming vendors CaliforniaStreaming and United Streaming | CellBlock for multiple pictue uploading on live presentation

Samy's Camera | Outdoor Electronic Signs | Laptop Carts | Tech Depot (source for Palm)

ID Card Providers | Donated Computers

CALs Client Account License (CALs) for Windows 200 and 2003 Server
Clarification on account licensing for CALs as of May 17, 2006.

Windows 2003 server:

There are no Windows 2003 (Win2K3) CALs available on a District level at this time. As I mentioned below, according to V.F., these should be available using Microsoft settlement money at a future date.
Adding licenses for Win2K3 servers are handled the same way as Win2K.
The wait on District purchased CALs may be 2–n months. If desired, proceed with purchasing CALs through CALsave: see contact name at bottom of linked page.

Windows 2000 Server:

These were purchased by the District and a certain number allotted to each school site. You just need to allot the number of CALs required in the License applet in the Control Panel. There is no need to contact the Help Desk on this. These CALs cover Win2K.

Suggestion: Check minimum processor speed, operating system, network, printer, connectivity ports, and memory requirements of software before purchase.

Computer Purchasing for Schools and Offices

Apple | IBM Arey Jones | Gateway | Dell | HP

Arey Jones Asset Tracking
Search for items previously delivered by Arey Jones on entire PO#,
one computer, or what computers came on the same
order with a given computer

Computer Purchasing Notes:
1. Refer calls regarding pricing to the vendor representatives. Desktops can be purchased sans monitors but responsible parties should be sure what they have will be compatible with what they are ordering.
2. Additional monitors may not be purchased from vendors other than those with contracts (IBM, Gateway, and Apple).
3. As of the end of Feb. 2005, the specifications for laptops include an anti-theft laser etching on the cover with the LAUSD logo and a theft recovery feature.
4. ISIS computer purchase: any PC or Apple bought off of the Master Contracts listed in the
Reference Guide No. REF-649 should meet ISIS requirements. 
SIS computer purchase: IBMs and labeled Gateways are SIS approved.

Computer Purchasing for LAUSD Employees

Apple | IBM-Loveno | Gateway | Dell | HP

Note: Microsoft Office Professional can be purchased at Student Discount websites and from colleges and universities by employees that are attending students. An alternative to MS Office is OpenOffice, see

Another LAUSD Notebook list of Computer and Other Voluntary Benefits Discount Programs

Computer Theft Procedure is still being edited. The curent procedure is as follows.

Get model, make and serial number of the computer
Contact school police and file a report. Get a report number.
Contact the Service Desk (213-241-5200). Inform them that a stolen computer needs to be reported (for tracking).
The agent will take down the necessary information and take over from there.

Technology - Classified Positions for School Sites

Here is the complete list of school site tech support staff that schools can hire with details...
Microcomputer Support Assistant (Class Code 2210)
Information Systems Support Assistant I (Class Code 1083)
Information Systems Support Assistant II (Class Code 4825)

Part time interns
Information Technology Support Intern - Computer Repair (Class Code 3872)
Information Technology Intern - High School
More information about Job Descriptions and Salary Schedules can be obtained at:


If you are interested in being a vendor for LAUSD please see the vendor information pages:

See the Procurement Group site
and links on the "What's New" page which includes Bid and RFPand RFI listings.
This information is not to be regarded as a complete source of information for vendors. Additional information will be added as it is found or provided.

How to do business with LAUSD:

Navigating with the "Site Mapper" link found under the LAUSD logo on some of the above pages may provide some links of value to you, also.

This information is not to be regarded as a complete source of information for vendors. Additional information will be added as it is found or provided

Request form used by LAUSD employees seeking approval for vendor with no vendor number here.

Staff Development Vendors
Tech Ed Services has services for grantwriting (past DHS writing) and staff development.
Go to their website for getting a staff development packet mailed to you.

Tech Ed Services, Inc.
8255 Firestone Boulevard
Suite 300
Downey California 90241
V: (800) 832-4411
Fax: (562) 869-5673
E-Mail Addresses


Purchasing Branch

Will have a link on their web site listing Master Agreements for software products.
Check the Purchasing Branch web site for further updates at:


Sources of educational discounted software:

Educational Resources through CalSAVE
Monterey County Office of Education's CalSAVE Project Announces Microsoft Select Competitive Bid Award to Educational Resources
CalSAVE is happy to announce that Educational Resources has been awarded our Microsoft Select Contract and will be working closely with us to address all of your needs and questions.
Ordering your Microsoft programs through Educational Resources is a smart move because you receive:
* An immediate response to your calls
* Same day fulfillment on orders
* Knowledgeable support
* Professional service
* School-friendly prices
* MOUS Certified Trainers
* A FREE record of your purchasing historyWith 16-years of experience in the K-12 market, Educational Resources is the only Large Account Reseller for Microsoft that deals exclusively with schools. Educational Resources is also the ONLY APPROVED CalSave Microsoft Vendor.
Get the support, service, and savings you deserve by ordering through the Educational Resources and CalSave partnership.
Click here for purchasing information. Then, stay tuned to this space for the latest information on the contract. Mark Rafalzik, our account manager at Educational Resources, is available to answer your questions. Contact him at 888.800.2834 or via e-mail at

Added Jan. 30, 2003
Donated Windows box that meets the qualifications, Microsoft has a program FREE
If anyone has a donated Windows box that meets the qualifications, Microsoft has a program to provide FREE (yes, you read that correctly), free OS licenses, either Win 98 or 2000 for each donated PC. This may help your site meet copyright compliance.
A few caveats;
Yes, this is a good deal, BUT1. If the school is lax on maintaining records-- forget it. This offer requires them to maintain accurate records long term and effectively puts the school on Microsoft's radar.
2. It should not be used as an excuse to start accepting donations. Many donations are below the PII (or equivalent) minimum and, if the operating system is gone, I'm sure the applications weren't included in the box either.
Remember, nothing is "free."

If you are at a small school/ charter, lots of good stuff here for a small admin fee.

Found via "/." via ""




SmartSoft (for school and individual teacher or student purchase)

Sources for additional software information:

    California Technology Assistance Project sites



Licensing question (April 10, 2003):
Here is the scenario and I need to hear from Microsoft whether this is okay or not: A school wants to put Office 2001 on their OS X/Office X loaded Apple. They keep the Office X on the machine's hard drive and load Office 2001 on the OS 8/9 partition (section?) of the hard drive. They have both copies on the machine and both are useable, however not at the same time.
Yay or nay?
"I just got an answer back from my License Specialist. You can only load both versions of Office on the same system if you have licenses for each version. In your case, it looks like you have the Office 10.0 for Mac OS X only so you can either run that version or downgrade to a previous version."
Tuan Nguyen
K-12 Strategic & Major Accounts Manager
Education Solutions Group - SoCal District
* email:
(office: 310.449.7408
Ècell: 310.500.TUAN(8826)

New licensing programs. See


Microsoft or Donated Computers

Program is called Fresh Start.  Lets you have a legitimate Windows operating system on donated machines. do a search for "Fresh Start" or go to: (worked on 7_7_03)

StarOffice and OpenOffice - an alternative to Office.
"StarOffice Suite" (SOS) from Sun Microsystems. It has most of the features of Office and will easily export the presentation back and forth to powerpoint format.

They are available at any CompUsa, and BestBuy for an MRP of $79.95.

You, as an educator, can even get it for free and only pay for media cost.

All the info is at:

If you're in a real hurry you can buy it as a download at:

by CJ

Open Office


Projection and AV Devices


Good Information on AV equipment by Da-lite

Screen size, distance, Manufacturer calculator and other links

Educational Links on Presentaion Equipment

(If ordering a DA-LITE 100" portable screen - it may require special shipping from certain vendors.)

Troxell for Sound Systems (bought out AudioGraphics)
Dave Boller
Account Executive - Los Angeles
Troxell Communications, Inc.
[Ph] 714-964-6514 (remove xxxx)
Troxell Communications, Inc.
16478 Beach Blvd. #379
Westminster, CA 92683

KIS and Epson to provide AV instaLlations.
Jason Caffery
Commercial Account Manager
Epson America
Cell 949.374.2973
Office 760.772.6381

City Sound Inc., vendor 104030
12025 Florence Ave. #306
Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670
Phil Steyer
V: 562.941.6100
F: 562.941.6050

Ametron vendor 127867
1546 N. Argyle Avenue
Hollywood CA 90028

Maury Rosenthal

V: 323.464.1144

F: 323.871.0127

MCSI (formerly Minnesota Western)



Epson America, Inc.
LAUSD Contact for Projectors, Printers, Scanners
Charles Banston, Commercial Account Manager
V: 800.338.2349 Ext. 7115
V: 323.954.0704
F: 253.276.4909
Epson America, Inc.
3840 Kilroy Airport Way
Long Beach, CA 90806-2469

Projection Vendors
800.448.8439 x 5549 Karol or Cristine
10035 Southwest Artic Dr.
Beaverton, OR


Other Vendors for planning and constructing audio visual areas:

Carleton Communications
Greg Carleton
V: 818.988.3111
F: 818.363.6000,

Mike Selwyn and Associates
Voice: 310.573.1973
Pager: 310.585.8383
He did the auditorium size conference room at District E and everyone is very happy with his work.
His prices were also very reasonable. Will work with other vendors.
LAUSD vendor number: 156297-2

Henry Barnston at CCS Presentation Systems sold, serviced and installed all the projectors at Bravo Medical Magnet. Henry is honest, knowledgeable, competitive and easygoing. He has supported our new projectors after they were installed. We are very happy. I would use him as a resource.

CCS Presentation Systems
Henry Barnston
CCS Presentation Systems
5055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 305
323-954-7754 Ext. 13 (Office) 213-369-9891 (Cell)
323-954-5898 FAX
Contractor’s License #830835
E: Henry Barnston's contact information:
Direct Office Phone: 323-954-7754 X13
Fax: 323-954-5898
Cell: 213-369-9891

Troxell Communications, Inc.
2501 E. Chapman Ave. Suite 290
Fullerton, CA
Ph: 714.56.8858
Fax: 714.526.0310

Vendor: 118270 ??

Contact: Dan Stahlecker, Area Sales Manager

Margi Presentation Products
A number of converters "Presenter-to-Go" for Palm and Handspring to use CRTs or projection devices.


    Seeking info on:

    Vizual Symphony



Installation Caveats for LCDs
Anytime you plan on attaching anything to walls or ceilings you should be working with your Facilities contacts. There are lead paint and asbestos issues. There are also rules for types of bolts used for various types of building materials. There are also earthquake safety rules. Word of caution. You should call Roger F. or Philip A. for assistance. Not long ago a school was closed down for a few days because asbestos penetration. Again work with your Facilities contact. Talk to your plant manager or a site administrator if you are not sure who this might be.
J. A.

Items to consider purchasing for AudioVisual:

    Select from 3 compact and 3 large footprint projectors in various price ranges at CMAS or better prices

    VGA cables (M/M) at 10", 15" and 25' lengths to move the LCD away from the presenter

    Female/Female VGA adapters for connecting longer cables

    AV or Grip tape rolls in yellow and black priced by sets of 5 and by the case (25?) in yellow and black -- ONLY if the tape is designed not to leave residue on carpets, linoleum, and hardwood floors.

    cart selections

    good quality surge protector outlet with current indicator light

    other cables S-VIDEO, component, RCA, USB in 5', 10', 15' lengths

    sets of 10 and cases of VCR tapes in 10, 20, 30 minute capacities

    anything else that makes a complete one stop shopping experience for schools to make a selection from.

Comments on LCD projectors by Michael O., Electronics Technical Supervisor, October 25, 2002

Rated output in lumens is just part of the story. There are other factors in perceived brightness, such as contrast ratios and color purity. For example, a higher contrast ratio will often "read" as a brighter picture even if rated lumens are the same. It is also worthwhile to note that fixed focal length lenses are generally more efficient than zoom type lenses. Look at the "f" rating of the lens. A lens with an aperture of f1.2 is twice as efficient as an f1.4 lens. Hence, you may get a brighter image from a lower lumen rating if the lens is more efficient. Additionally, there are two types of projectors on the market, the true (older) LCD and the newer DLP (digital light processing). Each is different, both in perceived brightness, and color rendition. An interesting overview of these and other projection issues is located at:



Battery backup system selection


    For networks, see:
    For single workstations, see:
    Other types, see:
    Receptacle identification:



Palm Related Sites (this link has not been updated)






Apple Computer Contacts:

Apple Computer, Inc. Vendor Number #101415
Atten: K-12 Education Sales Support
2420 Ridgepoint Drive, Mailstop: 198_ED
Austin TX 78754-911

Michael Hoy, Lead Account Executive, remove the "..." He is in sales but not usually on the day to day level. You would want Michael for leadership presentations, strategic associations, and long-term visions.
Sales rep for LAUSD is Jaime Perez, LAUSD Apple Account Executive cell: 213-841-9296 remove the "...".
Leigh Perry, iAE, (Is Leigh SALES??) remove the "..." Best Day-to-Day Sales contact. Leigh will do the quotes on hardware, software, and solutions.

Apple Systems Engineer
David Douglas Apple Systems Engineer. He is a pre-sales support engineer. Contact him with specific needs and questions.

Follow up inquiries:
Leigh Perry remove the "..."
Gloria Bass remove the "...". Gloria is the order management such as booking, shipping, and follow ups.
1) For status of orders not received: email Gloria Bass, Sales Support, remove the "..." Gloria is the order management such as booking, shipping, and follow ups.
2) For invoices for orders received: - email Betty Duel, Account Receivable, remove the "..."
3) To check on orders being scheduled for installation: - email Reyna Paniagua remove the "..."

• Apple Portal for LAUSD Schools: InsideLAUSD account needed

APple MagSafe Power Adapters - Strain Relief Problems
The white insulation on the new apple MagSafe power adapters has become such
a problem they are replacing power adapters for free that have torn
insulation. Info here:

LCD Monitor coverage:
1) All LAUSD Apple LCDs are covered under Apple LAUSD warranty. The only vendor to do so for accidental damage coverage. Please call the LAUSD Service Desk at 213-241-LA00 to dispatch into any service call.
2) Apple generally does not make any 3PP recommendations. I think 3M is the strongest candidate. Kensington used to have one as well. Not sure how these would fit the new 2007 iMacs.

Apple 10.x Automatic Scripts (not 10.5)
Macs with 10x up thorugh 10.4 should leave computers on some nights.
In Mac OS X Tiger (10.4 and earlier this is true)
Mac OS X has had a series of scripts that run at:
-Nightly at 3:15 AM
-Weekly at 3:15 AM
-First Day of the Month at 5:30 AM
In Mac OS X Leopard these scripts are now scheduled using a technology that is no longer dependent on the computer being on that those specified times. If a computer is not running the scripts will be run the next time the computer is up and running.
What if the computer is left on:
- in a non-administrator account?
Scripts still run
- in Powersaving Sleep?
10.5: on wake
10.4 and earlier will not run.
- in Powersaving hard disk sleep?
Will run.


Apple Related Links

A database of all Apple Macintosh systems ever built that includes among items a listing of what OS initially shipped can be found at the following url:

Apple Code Names

Apple Museum

MacInTouch Source for Mac news and information

Non-Apple Inc. Demos, shareware, free apps example: webXkiosk.asp blocks Finder access for Kiosk use of a 10.4 Mac

XP on Intel Mac


LAUSD ordering Information:
Presales questions and quotes, contact Rod: or 800.800.2775 x56824
Order Status/Changes (must have PO#), contact Arthur: or 800.800.2775 x42519 and fax 512.674.2924
For scheduling installation, contact Carol from Arey Jones: or 800.998.9199 or fax.403.8828

Apple Technical Support and Warranty Service:
Call the HelpDesk for Service 213.241.5200
Object Code for purchasing Technical Services is 4501


Monthly Price lists in .pdf (LAUSD may be getting better pricing, features, software, and warrantee on computers than seen in the .pdf.)

Apple Notebook, iPod, and iPhone batteries

If you own an older model PowerBook or iBook, several third parties offer compatible batteries, and Apple authorized service centers can order batteries for models up to seven years old.

Maximize battery life for Notebooks, iPods, iPhones

With a little bit of care, you can maximize the battery life (i.e. the time your battery will run before it must be recharged) and lifespan of your notebook's battery. Most importantly, use your Apple notebook in its comfort zone for temperature (See “Notebook Temperate Zone”). Don’t leave it locked in a hot trunk during the summer.

Power Adapters
Apple 85W MagSafe for MacBook Pro

Apple 60W MagSafe for MacBook

Apple 45W MagSafe for MacBook Air

iBook 65W Power Adapter

(May be missing a couple items here for older iBooks)

Video Adapters
Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter
The Mini-DVI to Video adapter is designed for the iMac (Intel Core Duo), MacBook*, and 12-inch PowerBook G4, allowing you to connect to most S-video or Composite enabled devices.

Apple DVI to Video Adapter
Use the DVI to Video Adapter to connect the DVI port on a Mac Pro (with ATI X1900 XT), MacBook Pro, or Mac mini to any S-video or Composite enabled device.

Apple DVI to VGA Display Adapter
Use a DVI to VGA display adapter for connecting Macs equipped with a DVI port to an external VGA monitor or projector at home, office or to have handy while on the road.

Apple DVI to ADC Adapter
Buy the Apple DVI to ADC adapter to connect your DVI-equipped MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac (Intel Core Duo), PowerBook G4, Mac mini, or Power Mac to an ADC-based Apple flat panel display* including: Apple Studio Display (15" or 17"), Apple Cinema Display (20"), Apple Cinema Display (22") or Apple Cinema HD Display

Apple Micro-DVI to Video Adapter
Newly designed to fit the slim profile of MacBook Air, the Apple Micro-DVI to Video Adapter allows you to connect to most S-video or Composite enabled devices.


Educational Solutions

Apple Server Information - June 9, 2006
There are a few things you should be aware of when considering a server.
Where will you place the server?
The server will need to be located near a fast a network connection as possible. It is unlikely that the server can be housed in the main networking cabinet, due to District restrictions, therefore consideration of where to place the server needs to be discussed. OS X Server comes with many services built in as part of the package. If you are considering a web server, blog server, podcast server, portfolio storage, these services are among those included. As far as setting those services up in your school's environment, it is suggested that you purchase Professional Services to enable them. In
general, three days are recommended for this.When you are ready to begin thinking about where to start with the server, there are some excellent OS X Server information resources you should consider:
Look in the Downloads T&T for older materials
Peachpit Press has a series on OS X Training, specifically OS X Server support at:
These can be purchased at Amazon.
More specifically on the traning front, there are leader led courses offered by Apple. There are various opportunities for certification on OSX and OS X Server. You can find more information at
There is also a discussion of purchasing Training Units that can be used to take these courses whenever you're ready. If you would like more information on the training courses specifically, please call Chris at (408) 974-0599,

Netboot and Mac Manager training comments (M.L.)

We covered Netboot and Mac Manager the last day. This is the hardest part of the server management. There are problems that arise from the different versions of these two applications, and some problems related to the transition from OS 9 to OS X.

Many training attendees are running Accelerated Reader and because it only runs in OS 9, and because of the need to mount a server volume on the local desktop, it cannot be used in the Classic environment on OS X. We run Accelerated Reader as well and it will slow down our transition to OS X.






IBM - Arey Jones Educational Solutions

Arey Jones Website

Note: Servers must meet LAUSD specification


Arey Jones Server Contacts:

Kaarin Lunneberg
LAUSD Server Specialist and Elementary School
Arey Jones
(800) 998-9199 (tel.)
(888) 272-2175 (pager)

Satina Bitmayl
Middle High School and Offices
LAUSD Account Executive
Arey Jones Educational Solutions
800) 998-9199

'Monique' deals with Apple orders and deliveries

Order information:
Vendor: 128327
8693-A La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa, CA 91941


Michael Scarpella, VP
V: 800.998.9099
F: 800.785.6951



Hewlett Packard

Arey Jones HP LAUSD Page

HP Representatives:
Kirk Fabrizo (remove the ...) Serving Local 5, 6, 7, 8

Chris Steifel christine.streifel Serving Locals 1, 2, 3,, 4

Arey Jones Hewlett Packard Account Manager
Danielle DeRose
800.998.9199 (remove the ...)
520 South Mateo
Los Angeles, CA 90013



Computer Contract #: 0450024
Server Contract #: 0650149
LAUSD Vendor Code # 124373
Gateway/MPC contacts here
Gateway LAUSD Approved Computers (Contacts found at this site, also)

Order Mailing Address:
Named Accounts
Attn: James Miller
PO BOX 1880,
North Sioux City, SD 57049

800-846-2030 (press 1) Ext. 27656
1. Sales Extensions: Jim - 27656
2. Pro Customer Service: (800)846-2030
3. Peripheral or Part Sales: Danelle ext. 27606

LAUSD’s Inside Account Managers:
James Miller
(800) 846-2030 Ext. 27656
Fax: (605) 232-8255
E-Mail: (remove the "...")

LAUSD’s Local Account Managers
Dan Feist
Office : (310)297-9371 Cell: (310)918-9204
Los Angeles, CA
E-Mail: (remove the "...")

Gateway LAUSD Help Desk (Technical Support)
Phone: (888) 888-2040 PIN #: 60198
- or - LAUSD ITD (213) 241-5200
-0r email (remove the "...") with system serial number, description of the problem and contact information.

Parts & Accessories Sales: (Sales Information)
Danelle Jamtgaard
(800) 846-2042 ext. 27606 Fax (605) 232-8255

Gateway/MPC Customer Service:
Pro Customer Care Order Information & Status
Phone: (800) 840-2030
Fax: (605) 232-8255
Support Web Site:

LAUSD Employee Purchase:

LAUSD Service and Support Provider:
Arey Jones Educational Solutions
Services Manager: Mattie Scarpella
Office Phone: (800) 998-9199 Fax: (800) 403-8828 (remove the "...")


Epson America, Inc.
LAUSD Contact for Projectors, Printers, Scanners
Charles Banston, Commercial Account Manager
V: 800.338.2349 Ext. 7115
V: 323.954.0704
F: 253.276.4909
Epson America, Inc.
3840 Kilroy Airport Way
Long Beach, CA 90806-2469



Don Bechtold - Educational Consultant
1740 5th Street
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Products represented:
Peoples Education (measuring Up)
Lectorum -
Benchmark -
Knowledge Industries
Nystrom/Cram Maps Globles Atlases
C: 213.400.4481
T: 310.318.9082
F: 310.374.1417
E: donbechtold1 at




KIS Computer Center the source for printers - not Arey Jones or Stock Warehouse.
If printers are in stock turnaround is about two days.
Ptinters and supplies from KIS are for District installed Edusoft components.

Old LAUSD login page

Users will need to create an account.
Vendor #: 110209
11801-5 E. Telegraph Road Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
V: 562.942.0338 x111/115
F: 562.842.7720
Sophia Lin x111
Joanne Chow x115
Patricia Medina x125
Richard Chan x101 (owner)
Peter for deliveries at 562.942.0338 x224



CDW*G Information


Vendor number is 129830 for CDWG
PO's can be faxed to account managers listed below or mailed to
230 N.Milwaukee Avenue 
Vernon Hills, IL 60061

Please Specify platform of product ordering (e.g. Mac or PC)

Note: A CD-ROM is not a license. A CD-ROM and a license is needed for one CPU. One CD-ROM can be used for many CPUs provided a license is purchased for each CPU.

Brian Gorr
District, departments, Beyond the Bell, etc.
Local District 5, 6, and 7

Patrick McCarthy
Local District 8

Michelle Joyce
Local District 2 and 4

Ryan Miller
Local Districts 1 and 3



Account Manager
A PC Connection, Inc. Company*
IT Solutions for Government and Education (remove the 3...)
Phone 800-800-0019 ext. 33137
Fax 1-603-683-1056
LAUSD Vendor Code 158817A
Contract # 0337850002
CMAS # 3-04-70-1725b



Microlink, Inc.
A vendor for LAUSD. Provides the Software Compliance Team. Installation of equipment at Wilson HS, Elizabeth St. Normaont, Business Magnet, and the Transportation Unit according to Gary Chan.
Vendor number 144102
V: 626.330.9599 x113
F: 626.330.4095


Lexmark Network Printers from Initiative for Individual School or Office Network Printer Purchases
Any school or office can take advantage of the AB2882 printer pricing: For AB2882 and for the Elementary Classroom Technology Initiative, the Lexmark e312L has been purchased, along with a network server box, the Marknet X2000. This comes to about $400 per machine.

I've heard good reviews on the printer, but keep in mind, it is not a huge printer.... it would be appropriate for an individual classroom with moderate printing needs, but I wouldn't try to share it with too many people... . You can order this printer by contacting KIS Computers (562-942-0338 x115). Ask for Helen or Sophia and tell them you want the AB2882 package. If you decide you want a different printer, Helen and Sophia are quite helpful at identifying products and optimal pricing.

The in-warranty, LAUSD specific number is 800.453.9787. The customer number associated with this is 54201681.

IEP Computer and LExmark Printer Information
KIS Computers has 1800 and 6000 duty cycle toner cartridges for the Lexmark printer
delivered with the IEP computers.
KIS Computers 562.942.0338

Alpha Data for Alternative Toner Vendor: Jim Burke, 800-714-5711, who claims to offer redesigned cartridges with improved toner with longer life, no streaking for $250 each.




Easy Grade Pro -Don't buy -- Grading to be done on ISIS
(from a ITC srting submission by KB) "...Tom says if you already have a license it costs only $10 to buy the upgraded disks. New manuals are $12.
Easy Grade Pro is cross platform (WIN/MAC). A site license for an entire school for home and school site use is $249 WIN (95,98,NT Me, or 2000),

$249 MAC (7.0 or higher) or $374 Win/Mac. And comes with free tech support for registered users.

You must save your files first to a floppy, then uninstall Easy Grade Pro 3.5, then install EAsy Grade Pro 3.6. 3.6 should convert your old gradebook to the new format.

Easy Grade Pro has also just introduced EGP (Easy Grade Pro) Clipboard for the Palm Pilot. Site license is $125

The company has often been too busy lately to answer the phone. Tom recommends faxing your request and credit card info or P.O. info to his company. ..."

Contact info:
Customer Support
Orbis Software Inc.
PO Box 73745
Puyallup, WA 98373
phone: 253-848-6899
fax: 253-848-6505




D& D Security Resources
A CMAS school/government contract source #4-99-74-0033A
Vendor for Bretford, Super-Lok, AnchorPad





    HighSmith Computer Furniture
    Highsmith Inc.
    W5527 Highway 106
    P.O. Box 800
    Fort Atkinson, WI 53536-0800
    800.558.2110 Ordering
    800.558.3899 Customer Service and Invoice Information


    Smart Expressions Multimedia Carts.

    "I'm not kidding, years later, after I left that school, I still get
    compliments from the teachers at that school for buying those carts.
    They love 'em! I think they purchased more after I left. They appreciate
    how it really is a "one-stop" multimedia presentation center that clean,
    neat, and comprehensive. Go figure.
    I purchased them from Joe Feka @ Calwest (909.985.8651). He's great.
    He'll come to your school to meet with you, demo stuff for the staff,
    the whole nine-yards." VC





(FYI a SMARTBoard support page is found here)
Which ever vendor you select, be sure to reference SmartBoard Master Grant #150860YYC
for LAUSD pre-negotiated pricing.

California Western Visuals (CWV)
Joe Feka
V: (909) 985-8651
Their address is:
1042 N. Mountain Ave.

Upland, CA 91786
Their vendor code is: 149076

CCS Presentation Systems:

" SMART has a great demo offer for LAUSD. If you are interested in evaluating a new 77" SMART
Board for 30-45 days with no purchasing obligation please contact me. Once qualified, I can arrange the board
to be delivered to a central location or school site. I can also arrange for a demonstration of the board to show administrators and teachers how it can enhance existing curriculums in a variety of subjects."

Please call me for product info, quotes and on-site demonstrations.
<<SMART Board 680 Brochure.pdf>> <<NEC VT48, VT480, VT580.pdf>> <<Toshiba TDP-T91AU.pdf>>
Henry Barnston
CCS Presentation Systems
5055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 305
323-954-7754 Ext. 13 (Office) 213-369-9891 (Cell)
323-954-5898 FAX
Contractor’s License #830835
E: Henry Barnston's contact information:
Direct Office Phone: 323-954-7754 X13
Fax: 323-954-5898
Cell: 213-369-9891

HP/Arey Jones
Now provides sales, set-up, initial training, and advanced training.

Products, services, and contacts on Excel Sheet here. Use the SMARTBoard specifications to help make choices here



InkJet Cartridge Vendor

I almost used TD Curran and then my usual rep lowered his prices to meet and beat TD's pricing. I also found pricing depends on which cartridge. Compare prices on the cartridges you use most often.

Some vendors will sell cartridges

that have high failure rates. If our vendor discovers that a particular cartridge has a high failure rate he will only sell that cartridge OEM, which will of course be at a higher price. I have had a harder time finding price differentiation on toner products as compared to ink. He will also replace cartridges that fail. Ask for Banning High School pricing.

Our vendor is Pacific Computer Products in Long Beach with Jack Grimshaw at 562-446-4310. He always takes good care of us. Some sample prices are epson 740 black for $4.75 and Epson 740 color for $8.75

Banning HS DHS/Tech Coordinator

Lanterman HS



Grade Bubbler - don't buy - grading to be done on ISIS
Schoneburg Consulting7626 Brokmont Place
West Hills, CA 91304-5200
V; 818.887.4466
F: 781.207.4799





Easy Grade Pro - don't buy - grading to be done on ISIS
Contact: Tom ...
Orbis Software
PO Box 73745
Puyallup, WA 98373
V: 253.848.6899
F: 253.848.6505

Printer information for Office Applications
To assist you regarding printers, a call to the Computer HelpDesk may assist you.
Call 213.633.8110. Tehre is SIS and Business software help available.SIS will provide a list of Lexmark printers and a vendor name.
If you need an IMPACT printer for non-SIS use, Epson makes a variety of them.



Inspiration (two vendors listed here)

Instructional Reference Notes:
The Northeast and Islands Regional Technology Consortium has created Technology Briefs to help educators and administrators meet the demands of the No Child Left Behind legislation. Inspiration is mentioned 3 times by name, throughout the brief as a tool that can be used to create graphic organizers and for 'writing across the curriculum'. Please fill out the form online to download a free copy of the brief:

Inspiration, Kidspiration, Palm versions information
LAUSD Pricing

A single license of Inspiration or Kidspiration is 69.00 each.
Purchase 5 or more volume licenses of Inspiration at $19.00
per license and $20.00 per license for Kidspiration.  You can get
discounts through the site.

KIS is another source for single, five packs and lab packs (not volume)

Volume Licensing for Inspiration
Educational Resources
Vendor #106067
Contact: Martin Smith (800-624-2926 ex 3286)
$15.55 was the most current pricing from them.


Future Need


Corwin Press
2455 Teller Road
Thousand Oaks, CA 92320-2218
Books and lessons for integrating Technology with teaching and student learning.
Contact: Cyndee Callan
805.499.9734 x7175
Will send samples


Altiris - PC management

From June, 2003

Mike Schutz, Educational Technology Consultant

I have attached 4 documents about Altiris Deployment Solution software:

* Benefits;
* Technical Requirements; and
* Technical Questionnaire.
* Networking and Services

Altiris products can now be leased, either through Altiris, or other leasing companies. I know that it may be difficult to justify the extra cost of leasing. However, it may make it possible for schools to acquire Deployment Solution or other Altiris programs that do not have funds to pay "up front." Altiris and several other leasing companies also may be willing to include the cost of installation and training.

Call me at (626) 576-7321 if you have any questions or would like an on-site demonstration.

I also have attached a one page description of all of our network products and services for your review.

I would appreciate it if you would confirm that you got this message and the four documents. Thanks.



User comment on Vision:
Vision is relatively simple to install.  You just have to make sure not to assign the same port to more than 1 master station.  The client editions are very easy to install, too.  As for problems, sometimes it would lock up or while doing a demonstration on the internet, the links would open very slowly.

Pat B


From 2002:

Altiris® Client Mgmt Suite
was developed as a single-point of support for professionals who need to manage and maximize their IT resources. From a Web-based console, Client Mgmt Suite lets you control, deploy, and manage your computers, be they desktops, notebooks, or handhelds or any combination of those.

Altiris eXpress Client Mgmt Suite™ is an easy-to-use systems management solution that helps reduce the total cost of ownership for desktops, notebooks, and handheld devices. Developed for IT professionals who manage computing devices on a regular basis, the suite enables administrators to deploy, manage, and troubleshoot systems from virtually anywhere.

Client Mgmt Suite includes Deployment Solution, Inventory Solution, Application Metering Solution, Application Mgmt Solution, SW Delivery Solution, and Carbon Copy Solution.

PC Transplant Pro
The easiest way to migrate Windows PCs.
PC Transplant Pro makes transferring the files and settings that make your PC unique-its personality-a quick and intuitive process. The PC Transplant Wizard helps identify and capture files, directories, and desktop, network, and application settings, and builds them into a compressed, self-extracting Personality Package. The Migration Wizard simplifies OS migrations by cloning the OS and migrating each PC's unique name, IP address (or DHCP settings), and automatically creating a user account with network and sharing rights, printer drivers, and personality.

Altiris™ Vision
Teach, supervise & demonstrate with networked computers
Altiris™ Vision is a software tool that gives instructors full control of the PCs in their classroom. With Altiris Vision, Instructors can remotely monitor, evaluate, demonstrate, control, or lock-down one or several student PCs in a classroom environment.

Altiris Carbon Copy
The easiest way to remotely access and control PCs.
Altiris Carbon Copy is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, and easy-to-administer remote solution providing remote control, file transfer, voice chat and remote printing. Designed for telecommuters, helpdesk personnel, and system administrators, Carbon Copy provides access to remote machines across the network or Internet. Immediately run remote applications, diagnose problems, or proactively maintain servers.


One of the high schools in our local district is considering a server-based solution that runs over the LAN with strategically placed scanners for students to swipe an id card through (500 students in 5 minutes is the claim). Teachers can see through a web browser who is present, absent, tardy and cutting class. The solution is called is CAASS. The web site is



Symantec Education Site

Symantec Enterprise Solutions
Educational rep for symantec that handles LAUSD is Mark Jackson.
Mark Jackson|
Account Executive - SW
14822 S. 13th Place
Phoenix, AZ 85048
V: 480.460.0804 Office
Vendor number: contact B. Gatus in your purchasing department.

Other Symantec Enterprise vendors:

Binary Research - (888) 446-7898 /
ASAP Software Express - (800) 248-2727
Corporate Software & Technology - (800) 677-4000
SoftChoice Corporation - (800) 268-7638
Softmart - (800) 328-1319
Software House International, Inc. - (800) 527-6389
Software Spectrum - (800) 787-1166



Ultra Key -- a Typing Tutor
recommended by Lab Instructor at Dwyer EL.
Unlimited site license is $795.



 All the Right Type

It's a no frills program that works on both platforms and has a management system for teachers. It works well for our 3-5 students and would work well for older students as well. We have the network version, so all records are stored in one place. I haven't tried the new version 3 but you can demo it here.

Technology Resource Teacher
San Miguel Ave. Elementary School

On Wednesday, August 27, 2003, at 01:08  AM, P. B. wrote:
need a Windows keyboarding program for grades 6-8, but it would be great if it could be used in lower grades as well. I haven't examined any typing programs in depth for quite some time. 


PC liquidators in Redondo Beach for Used Parts - Keyboards and Mice, Monitors.

If you are lucky, you can outfit an entire PC lab with overstock keyboards and mice for about $4.00 per computer. You can get them for less if they are used, but I don't think our purchasing rules

allow that (You might check - if it does, it is around $2 to $3 per computer for a keyboard and mouse). Then cut an imprest check. If they are Mac labs you are probably out of luck.



Branding Iron Resources
There is no policy on marking computers. Marking, branding, and "uglifying" computers is not recommended. There is no statistical evidence to support marking computers does discourage theft. Recent computer purchase initiatives in LAUSD have a 5 year warrantee. This means computers might be removed from one school and replaced with repaired computers from another school. This will obviously result in a problem for schools having computers with other school names. If your school insists on marking or branding computers I (not official policy) suggest that the ID be limited to: "LAUSD" or "Los Angeles Unified School District" and the Funding source, example: "AB2882" or "DHS". A recovered stolen computer's serial number can be easily tracked to the school and teacher's room. The companies below were given this suggestion Aug. 28, 2002.

Two vendors:
CherryTree catalog at 1-800-848-4363. It is listed as "Put your brand on your crafts" and it is the Custom mark electric model for $69.95. It is two lines where the letters are 3/16 inch high. It is too hot for plastic branding (especially for the new Macs with the Lexan cases) you can made a reostat "dimmer" out of a duplex box, light dimmer switch, duplex outlet plug, a faceplate, and some wire. It is essentially a portable dimmer extension cord.
The other vendor is D&D Security Resources in Anaheim. They are at (800)366-3058. They have a package for $199 that includes the branding iron and the temperature regulator (so you don't have to make your own). It is the same or similar iron.
(from Al Mendez, Walter Reed Middle School)
DD Security
Contact Greta Reafsnyder at
(from RJ)



Video Cassette Duplicating
World of Video, 8717 Wilshire Blvd. Bev. Hills, 310-659-5147. One block east of Robertson Blvd.


Mac image Deployment - Casper
K-12 receives free licensing for Casper!
JAMF Software is happy to annouce a revision to Educational Licensing of Casper. Elementary and Secondary (K-12) institutions may register a free license. As with our standard license, the free license does require annual renewal. A support package is available separately in the Education area of the purchase pages. JAMF has also implemented our support forums. We hope that the forums can become a repository of our collective experiences with imaging and maintaining Macintoshes.


Computer Systems for Very Young Students

See Little Tykes and IBM 's product "Young Explorer" for an example of furniture and computer system and software designed for our youngest studentsat:

Unfortunately, the desk cannot be sold separately.


Touch Screens


CAD Software

Has anyone tried MicroStation PowerDraft? Apparently it is free.
"Exton, Pa. - January 6, 2005 - Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced that as an extension of its recently launched "You Deserve Better" upgrade program, aimed at helping AutoCAD users facing Autodesk's forced retirement, students and educators can now download MicroStation PowerDraft 2D/3D CAD software at no cost.This offering, which reaffirms Bentley's unique commitment to users, will help community colleges, middle and high schools, and vocational schools overcome the problem of keeping technical curriculums current, even when budgets are tight."

---------- Original Message -------------

Subject: RE: [itc] Get Solidworks>For anyone interested in 3D Solidworks, I have some experience using the software and for the cost it more than justifies purchasing it over AutoCad. The application allows you to create 3-dimensional plane drawings of any item and save them as Autocad, Catia, and other extension (graphic programs). I have a close personal friend who teaches and trains at a local business, and he's willing to come out to schools and demonstrate the benefits of SolidWorks.

I saw a demo of this and was wowed..





For Mac OSX KidPix 3.0 and PrintShop 2.0 from MacKiev (not the RiverDeep versions)
Upgrade from the RiverDeep versionpricing availble
More features.

Volume licensing

Training available

P: 617.314.9687
F: 617.227.3495
Vendor #: soon


Los Angeles Unified School District holds a site license for both ImageBlender and MediaBlender. The site license allows schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District to purchase ImageBlender and MediaBlender at a significantly reduced rate. ImageBlender can be purchased for $18.00 per license and MediaBlender is just $29.00 per license! (Extensions must be ordered in minimum quantities of five.)
ImageBlender and MediaBlender bring image editing and multi media authoring back to the classroom and into the hands of students. The ImageBlender 30-day trial version can be found at and MediaBlender's 15-day trial version can be found at Free leveled tutorials for ImageBlender and MediaBlender can be found at
Shannon Jones
Reseller Development Manager
Sales Associate
Tech4Learning, Inc.
10981 San Diego Mission Road, Suite 120
San Diego, CA 92108
P) 877-834-5453
F) 619-283-8176
Visit us online:



Document Cameras


Accelerated Reader (no vendor info here, yet)


Here is the website for these programs. You will need to click on the reading and math links to find the AR info.

Tech Support 1.800.455.0709

My sister's school uses it (in Apple Valley). She has mixed feelings about it. It is NOT the magic bullet that is going to fix students' reading and math problems. It is strictly a supplementary program. It is rather expensive. And, most importantly, it is only as good as the effort put into running the program.

Frankly, I would rather spend that kind of money on actual library books and technology that really encourages thinking rather than reading a book and taking a computer generated test on it. She said that the upper grade kids share answers so they can pass the AR tests without reading the books!


- We use Accelerated Reader extensively and AM sparingly. Many teachers at our school attribute our huge gains in API to the AR program. If you walk into one of our classes, even PE you will see students reading at one point of the period or another. Many classes start off the period with silent reading while the teacher takes roll etc.

The fundamental idea about AR is that students should read at their own reading level. If a student is at a 2nd grade reading level and you ask him to read a book at 8th grade level, how much learning to you think goes on. I would venture to say none.

Here are some stats from this grading period Jan 3 - March 3

1923 Students are involved (1/3 is off track so below statistics are actually for around 1200 students)
Average Book Level tested on: 4.6 (we are a middle school)
10347.3 points earned (books are given points according to # or words)
71,834,478 words read... WOW. Pretty impressive for 1/6th of the school year.
3339 quizzes were taken so around 3000 books were read in 2 months.

AR isn't just about buying software vs buying books. You need both and you also need training and you also need support. If you have those 4 things magical things can happen. The best part is teachers/admins/techs can make informed decisions and students can feel good about reading a book that they can understand.

I...o, I invite you or anyone to come see my school to see AR in action. This week and next week isn't good because it's a track change and 1/2 of the classes either just turned in their books or they are just getting them. If you would like to see an elementary school I have some contacts that you could visit.


Sites for royalty-free sound, still photo, and video sources.
Library of Congress
Bernie Dodge (Look for still audio and video links this may be the best source)
Below are Sound Links
FreePlay music
Internet Archive Audio Archieve
Cool Free Web music
Hollywood Edge Sounds Look for the "free" link
WM Recordings
Pics4Learning copyright free photos
Morgue File
Flicker (look over licensing)
Kramer Mad Money Sound Board



About the product:
Grokker™ is an award-winning software application that visually organizes information to facilitate deeper more efficient research, learning, and knowledge sharing -- an unparalleled knowledge mapping and information visualization tool that provides robust information collection, management, and delivery solutions for Students, Educators, Scholars and Researchers at any level from K-12 to Universities as well as, enterprise companies of any size.

Grokker™ is available in both:
Grokker 2.2 EDU for Macintosh OS X
Grokker 2.2  EDU for the PC

30 Day trial available for MAC and PC
Dickie Walsh
General Manager, Education
Groxis Inc.
30 Hotaling Place
Second Floor
San Francisco ,CA 94111
Main line – 415.398.0820 x112
Fax – 415.398.0812
Mobile – 415-720-5999


Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technology Program
Beaudry Building
16th Floor
F: 213-241-8433

See the Assistive Technology Website for current links to products and vendors.

Below are additional vendors that where gathered in 2006.

AlphaSmart Portable Keyboards with LCD 408.355.1000
LAUSD Local AlphaSmart contact is:
Jo Ann Noyes
(877) 654-2987
Also, Jane Bauman 949.854.9605
National West Sales rep. Jeff Waggner 888.274.0680 x1508
Portable Electronic Spellers, Dictionaries, Thesauruses 800.266.5626
IntelliKeys by IntelliTools - Adapted Keyboards 800.899.6687
Little Fingers small keyboard w/ built-in trackball 800.397.0921
Mouse Alternatives trackballs, joysticks, headmouse Infogrip 800.397.0921
Wordprediction Program Co:Writer Don Johnston 800.999.4660
Test-to-speech word processor Write:Out Loud Don Johnston 800.999.4660
Text-to-speech word processor IntelliTalk III IntelliTools 800.899.6687
Webbing/Outlining Software Inspriration see info elsewhere on this page
Webbin/Outlining Draft builder Don Johnston 800.999.4660
OCR Optical Character Recognition WYNN (PC only) Freedom Scientific 888.223.3344
OCR Optical Character Recognition Kurzeil 3000 (Mac and PC) Kurzweil Educational Systems 800.894.5374
Screen Reader TextHelp! Type and Talk 888.333.9907
Math Formatting Software MathPad/MathPad Plus 800.899.6687
Access to Math (Mac only) Don Johnston 800.999.4660
Textbooks on tape Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic RFBD 866.732.3585 Local Rep. Stacy Eubanks 323.664.5525

Hardware One Step Communicator Ablenet 800.322.0956
Hardware Chat Box Saltillo Corporation 800.382.8622
Scanning communication device Cheap Talk 8 with scanning (no contact info provided)
Object Communicator Enabling Devices
Communication Picture Sources Boardmaker software for cusomized communication boards (no contact info provided)
PCS Combination Book (M276) Wordless edition 3000+ Black and White picture communication symbols Mayer-Johnson Inc. 800.588.4548



Promethean White Boards

Promethean Inc. (used in MSTP Middle Schoolgrant and planned for EETT Middle School grants) (does not do direct sales)
8601 Dunwoody Place, building 100
Suite 108
Atlanta, GA 30350
PH: 1.888.65.ACTIV 1.888.652.1500
F: 678.762.7700
Contact: Lori S. Alcala, Area Sales manager
C: 415.994.5989

Promethean Vendors

AVI (waiting for vendor information)
Ron Martinez

Logical Choice Technologies (Vendor #188633)
3355 Breckenridge Blvd.
Suite 200
Duluth, GA 30096
Fax orderes to 770.688.1442
Shonda Valdez
P: 770.564.1044



Data Recovery

Apple data recovery
(added 7-30-08)
From a reliable source:
".. SubRosaSoft's FileSalvage
ProSoft's Data Rescue II
Data Rescue II is a more complete product in terms of it's fit and finish. However if it does not understand the type of file you are
trying to recover you will not be able to recover it.
File Salvage is invaluable since it has the ability to learn about new data types. Give it an example file and it will learn to look for
those files.
If you are looking for an e-mail within Entourage you will need to recover the entire database. Which may be large and damaged.
In general do not boot the computer. Rather put the computer in target disk mode and work on it with the disk idle.
Both apps will have a demo version capable of showing you it can find your file(s) but with the recovery function disabled.
I have recovered entire disks and precious lost files with both of these tools. ... "

Older entry
Apple: DiskWarrior, Norton SystemWorks 3.0

General Links:


CD Sleeves, Cases, protection


Learning Resources
The vendor number for "Learning Resources" is: #147129
Contact info ?


Web video streaming

California Streaming
Check pricing through LACOE's MultiMedia Services

Trial accounts available.
LACOE Multimedia Services that include California Streaming are found here. Click on the small PDF icon in the text.

United Streaming is now part of Discovery Education. Your school can purchase a license for unlimited use. You need to contact Tom Comerford if you are interested in pricing for a site license.
Scott Altschuler
District Sales Manager
Discovery Education
Ph: 800-323-9084 Ext 7209
Fax: 847-328-6706
LAUSD vendor code: ??
For more infomation you can go to Discovery is additional some nice features to United Streaming. You can sign up for a 30 free trial. If you would like more info, please feel free to contact me.



CellBlock allows pics and short videos o be uploaded and added to one wwebcasted presentation in realtime.



Samy's Camera

Vendor: 116030-B
Doris Stewart x: 1282

431 S. Fairfax Avenue
LA, CA 90036


Outdoor Electronic Signs - Kiosks (in progress)

Secure funding source. On school used Student Body Funds for project.
Step 1 - Get Asbestos Abatement survey on wall that will have holes drilled.
Step 2 - Note location on elecrtical source
Step 3 - Get M+O to servey land for pipleines and existed buried conduit.
Step 4 - Get estimate for M/O to bring power and dig trench to sign location.
Vendor estimates and design sources:
Chief Neon
Consider means of accessing sign from webbased method so changes can be made on any computer.


Cart Vendors
Jar Systems HP NetEducation Center
EarthWalk Communications
Spam Inc.


Tech Depot (one of the only sources we found to buy Palms)
vendor number: 191114

David Spence
Team Leader-Public Sector
1-800-625-9866 ext7312
TECH DEPOT by Office Depot
6 Cambridge Drive
Trumbull, CT 06611
Phone: (888) 251-4132
Fax: (888) 251-4058


ID Card Providers

1, Western Graphix (310) 530-6344 They do many MOs, Banning HS, Carson HS. and others. Located in Torrance.
Contact is Steve Ballard.
This company suplies misc computers and supplies. Can sell photo ID equipmnet including ID Picture printers that creates
cards in one step without laminating. They do not take pictures. They provide photo ID equipment and supplies.

2. White's Studios (818) 752-7780
Contact is Kevin White
This company actually takes ID pictures at schools and provide an ID card. They also sell ID software and equipment.

From J.F. SSIS: None of the vendors I deal with are able to store pictues on the SSIS servers and therefore pictures cannot be shown using ID01 from any workstation. With the coming of ISIS the entire system will change with pictures being stored on the Beaudry mainframe. How all of this will take place is still unknown. Perhaps somewhere in Phase 2.

3. Card Integrators



Donated Computers


Accepting donated computers is strongly discouraged. Labor and expenses to restore and maintain computers is high. Unexpeced hurdles can keep units non-working for months. Computers will be out of warantee, so there can be no expectation of support. Often componets have drivers taht are very difficult to find and installl.

If donated computers are going to be used, here are some software ideas.

MS Office licensing can be found at:
You will see a PDF price list linked from the page.
Contact one of the persons named at the bottom of the page to confirm the products need.
Many potential problems with the installation including a need for original XP installation disks.

Open Office software has nearly all the capability of MS Office. It can save work in many formats -- including Office. It's FREE and comparatively easy to install.

Embuntu a full operating system and set of applications geared to education. Information and downloads can be found at: