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SMARTboard Version 10
Support Page

This page supports SMARTtech software version 10.
For Version 9.7 support, go here.

SMARTBoard users improve in an environment of continuous mutual support.

This support page is a resource for SMARTBoard users.
The fil
es and links below should give a new or infrequent user a good start in setting up and basic use of a SMART Board.

SMART Training Opportunities

SMART’s Content Creation Seminar
August 19-21, 2009

"Attend SMART’s Content Creation Seminar
Discover how to create professional, interactive and sharable lesson activities for SMART Notebook software – participate in SMART’s Southern California Content Creation Seminar in Santa Monica, California, from August 19 to 21, 2009.
SMART is offering this seminar to select Southern California educators who have experience with SMART products and are enthusiastic about designing lesson activities to increase student engagement and participation. During the three-day event, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your SMART product skills and create content you can share with other educators. ..."
Details and registration:

SMARTboard Training in Local 8.
Monthly Local 8 SMARTboard Orientations
is on the Learning Zone.

SMARTboard training provided by LACOE
Go to:


Look for large SMARTtech event being planned for October, 2009. It my be located in Local 8.

Apple SMART Notebook Installation Tips
Find the Apple Operating System and Processor chip by going to “Apple Menu > “About This Mac” > Note Version and Processor.

Do the Update under an “Administrator” Login. Repeat UPDATE again until no more updates are needed.

SMART Notebook Software versions:

- 10.5.2 needs to be UPDATED to 10.5.7 so Flash can function properly.

- 10.5.7 Apples use Notebook 10 version available as of May 21, 2009.

- 10.4.11 and above on Intel Macs and above use Notebook 10 available as of May 21, 2009

- 10.4.1 or above, UPATE to 10.4.11

- 10.4.11 on Power PC Macs needs Notebook 9.7 (Power PC chips are older processors specific to Apple – not Windows)

- 10.3.9 needs Notebook 9.5

The latest Notebook release of 10 (May 21, 2009) requires the removal of the earlier Notebook 10 folders.

An “Uninstall” icon is in each SMART Application folder. Also, certain SMART “Library” files need to be removed. Tips here .

The above file is need for removing older versions of Notebook 10 or Notebook 10 mistakenly installed on Power PC Apple computers.

SMARTtech software for Mac here .

Smarttech software for Mac here .

LAUSD Ed Tech Group SMARTboard support page:

SMARTtech Trainer support site designed for LAUSD users:
See links on right column for multiple training links.
As you look around, note 9.7 linksmay be mixed with 10. links on some pages.
Suggestion: use a separate compute to view the training files and Flash videos.

Amy's SMART Edublog

Witchita School District
Has been using SMART for over ten years and has a lot of lesson posted online.
SMART Website

Virtual Training Resource List see right column

Immediate Support
Phone is the best way to get assistance.
E-mail response will be slower
Customer service
Phone 1.866.518.6791 or +1.403.228.5940
(Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. – 6 p.m. Mountain Time)
Fax 403.806.1256

If you have a SMARTboard:

- teachers can download SMARTboard software to their home computers
- other computers not connected to SMARTboards at school can have the software downlaeded.
- students and parents can download SMART software for home computers so homework and student work can be viewed at home.

The key to register SMARTboard software to not be the 30 Day Trial version is the serial number found on the side of the SMARTboard. There are LAUSD district key numbers available though your Local District or Ed Tech Group ITAF.
See Flash Video on registration and more from:
Click on the "Notebook 10 Video"


SMART Board Purchasing
SMARTboard Interactive Board product specifications here.

Vendors:Which ever vendor you select, be sure to reference SmartBoard Master Grant #150860YYC for LAUSD pre-negotiated pricing.

California Western Visuals (CWV)
Joe Feka
V: (909) 985-8651
Their address is:
1042 N. Mountain Ave.
Upland, CA 91786
Their vendor code is: 149076

CCS Presentation Systems:
Henry Barnston
CCS Presentation Systems
323-954-7754 Ext. 13 (Tel)
323-954-5898 FAX
Contractor's License #83083

HP/Arey Jones (may not be a vendor now)
Now provides sales, set-up, initial training, and advanced training
Products, services, and contacts on Excel Sheet here. Use the SMARTBoard specifications to help make choices here

Ageom Interactive
High quality Middle School lessons. Six are free.


SMARTboard - Get Started!

Download SMART software to enable a computer here
The software is free to install on all computers at a school that buys a SMART Board.

SMART Inc. Product Lists here
Missing are the:
- plastic mounting pieces used to wall mount a SMARTBoard
- CAT5 adapters for long distances between SMARTBoard and computer.

SMART Board Support 888.42SMART. Caller will get a incident number. Comments are positive on support. SMART techs as said to not let you off line until problem is solved.

Cleaning SMARTBoards

How to Clean a SMART Board here

SMART Document: How to Clean permanent marker from a front projection screen SMARTBoard here

One cleaning product used by several users is here .

Explore Learning - Some are free, some are subscription. All free for 5 minutes. 30 day trial available.

An AirSLate can be used with or without a SMARTBoard. Nice idea to use SMARTBoard in one room and AirSlate in a second room. Using an Airslate helps with classroom management. You can transmit via Bluetooth from up to 35 feet. Power is from rechargeable batteries.

Setup - Have an A/B (different ends) USB cable to connect the computer to the SmartBoard. A cable up to 16 ft. is okay. A cable over 16 ft. will loose some of the voltage and signal to operate the SMARTBoard and it will function erratically. OK to use a total of 3 USB cables that are SMART certified. These have a signal amplifier in the cable.
A/B USB image here

You may want to have the computer and SMARTBoard close together and use a longer 10'-25' VGA cable to have longer distance from the SNARTboard to the LCD projector.

Mac User Tip
Have no more than 4 Flash files per Notebook presentation.

Note from WilMS:
Old BlueTooth SMARTboard connections may not work well with SMART v10.

Magic Pen
Works better in Notebook - not well in Floating Toolbar.
Magnify > Draw square > touch Magic pen > magnify drag to enlarge or move.
Disappearing Ink -slowly disappears after 4 seconds.

Dual Screen
Can help in editing or viewing.

Can be imported into PC Notebook.

Locked Objects
Can be locked or unlocked as "all". See drop down menu.

Make Fractions
Gallery > Essential for Educators > Lesson Activity Toolkit > Fraction Maker (or search for Fraction Maker

Store Pages that will be used often to My Content
(Rename pages)

Ink Aware
Turn it on.
Open Word. Pick up a pen. InkAware should be on. If you touch the desktop, Ink Aware is off and a transparency layer appears.

Can work in any Application.



Suggestions for Your Own Instructional Organization
Store you files in the Notebook "My Content" folder.
You have or will accumulate files and links to help your instruction. Organizing them in a fashion that maximizes your efficiency, student achievement and targets the appropriate time for use will be a goal. Here are a few suggestions:
- Use the international resources and labor provided by others on the Internet to help you. Example: The Inner Life of a Cell - Music or The Inner Life of a Cell - Narrated (maybe a bit steep on the vocabulary curve!).
- Create a set of folders for classes or subjects.
- Place within each class or subject folder additional folders naming them by Periodic Assessment Period number, CST Standard, Unit of Study, CA Standard, or Princeton Review Test CA Standard (your content coach may be a source of advice here). Place a means of order (letters - A,B,C, numbers - 1, 2, 3, or empty spaces) in front of the folder and file names to have items appear in a logical order for you when viewed by list.
- Drag the address of the webpages you find to appropriate folders. The link is saved. You can change the link name and it will still go to the original page.
- Save PowerPoint or other files you find to your folder system.
- Check the content of the pages and files for accuracy!!
Suggested links:
CA Standards
CST-PA Comparability Charts - from Princeton (account needed)
CST-PA Comparability Charts - from LAUSD (InsideLAUSD account needed)

Periodic Assessment Program Website
(CST Periodic Assessment OF Learning end of Year – Assessment FOR Learning LAUSD Periodic Assessments):
InsideLAUSD account needed
The above document includes in the following order:
Algebra 1AB, Algebra Readiness, Biology, Chemistry,
Eng/Language Arts Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
History/Social Science Grade 8,
Integrated/Coordinated Science 1 Earth Science and Physics,
Integrated/Coordinated Science 1 Biology and Chemistry,
Mathematics Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,
Science Grade 4, 5, and 8.
The file is found on the Periodic Assessment Program Office site

From the Periodic Assessment Office page see files on the various testing calendars.

Virtual Simulations - LAUSD HippoCampus
Secondary Students, Teachers, Parents, Tutors!
The content here may be very effectively used on a SMARTboard!
A project of the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE).
Use HippoCampus to access audio and video tutorials.
Select method of access by course, textbook page, or CA Standard.
FlashPlayer 7.0 or higher needed.
QuickTime 6 or higher needed for Environmental Science.
More user requirements and information here.
View online demonstration versions of courses provided by MITE here.
Not found at this time are Language Arts texts.

SMARTBoard User Notes

(Note: These notes have accumulated from conversations with users and trainers. They are listed in no special order. Not all have been confirmed)

SMARTboard User modes:
- mouse - (simple to master) Use the board as if the board where a giant trackpad (pick up nothing from the tray after orientation)
- layer or transparency - (moderate amount of time to learn) a transparent layer is framed above the page or desktop seen after picking up an object from the tray. The layer and window/s under can be selected and saved to Notebook file pages using the "camera" icon found on the left side of the toolbar.
- Notebook - (short time to start - long [should be fun] time to learn all capabilities) SMARTBoard specific application. Open Notebook from the SMARTBoard menu. Sharable using SMARTBoard software or use SMARTBoard reader software on other computers.

To start, a user must download SMARTBoard software from:
Do all updates.


Update SMARTBoard software

Do ALL updates so the Gallery with K-12 files is compete.

Update Teacher Essentials to include ALL files.

More tips

Orientation or alignment for most SMART Board users is done with the default 9 points. Many Math teachers like 20 points.Set computers to not to go to sleep.

Connect power supplies to laptops - battery drain will be fast.

Light on right side of Smart Board frame should be steady green.

Constant firm pressure needs to be used on the SMART Board when dragging or drawing.

The plastic markers and eraser have no special technology imbedded. Other items can be used in their place in the tray (paper or foam) and when using the Board (finger or any material that will not scratch).
A tennis ball is commonly used with students.

The tray has optical sensors. The last "tray item" removed is the color or eraser that will appear on the screen.

Only one line is drawn at a time from the last tray color activated.

A "marker" or input device for students with special needs could be a finger, hand, fist, tennis ball, etc.

The line thickness, color, and other characteristics is set in preferences.

One continuous, firm touch is needed when drawing ay shape.
Lifting up or uneven pressure will cause segmented lines.

Getting use to the Notebook and screen overlay idiosyncrasies is probably the earliest hurdle to overcome.

Ink Ready (editing drawing, writing and saving on Office documents) is for PC only at this time.

PowerPoint slides can be written on (Mac and PC) and saved (PC).

Printing on the PC allows handouts with multiple pages on one sheet. Mac seems to only print one page per sheet.

PCs have "Ink Aware" ability for Word, PowerPoint, and Excel -- drawings can be embedded and saved; written letters or numbers can be recognized and entered as text. Ink Aware buttons appear on the left side of the Office toolbars. "Activate" - "Enter" in to document - "Copy" Window to a Notebook page.

A Notebook viewer software (read only) is available to use Notebook files on other board products and for students to use on home computers.Nno licensing needed.

Update the Gallery with all grade level and content updates.

The symbol "..." in tool bars means more choices.

Handwriting Recognition:
Mac - Text
PC - Text and Handwriting

Set Mac Dock to LEFT SIDE, Magnify OFF, and DON'T HIDE to avoid problems with activating Dock while working on any window with the SMART Board.

Use freehand, square, and full screen capture tools for copying screen items. It will open Notebook with the image. Captures can be put into other applications.

Launch floating tools by picking up a pen.

Floating tools can be oriented to be vertical.

The Floating Tool Bar can disappear, get modified to not appear, or get turned off. Get it back by Restore Floating Tool bar to Default.

Find more virtual manipulative from a Google search using "national library of manipulatives".
One example:

Lost your overlay layer and it timed out? Pick up a maker, go to the floating tools > go back tool (curving arrow). Brings back the most recent overlay only.

Don't use floating tools in Notebook. Transparency layer causes confusion.

Add downloadable icon identification sheet near the board.

Notebook files save as _____ xbk is for older versions. The older files may open on the newer version.

On Macs, old and new versions of SMART software applications can be opened accidentally - see if two icons are in the Mac dock

On a Mac, just drag pictures from a webpage to Notebook

Use arrow on Notebook tab to move feature column to right or left.

Use small circle near right top of Notebook window to move tool bar from top to bottom. Bottom is good for younger students.

In Dual Page View you can "pin" a page to keep it remaining as other pages are viewed. View page dropdown menu.

Saving Notebook File Suggestions heard from Users:
- Large files could cause slow downs.
- All - Save notebook files as units vs. every day, week, or month - helps with review.
- Secondary - save Files as period numbers/units.

Bluetooth connection - if red light is on, reset the connection with the REST button found on the small black box behind the right side of the SMARTBoard. The button is near the green light in the on the small black box - the Bluetooth unit.

Word to Notebook - Print copy to Notebook

PowerPoint - import to Notebook

Scanning documents may be enabled. Look for "scan to Notebook" in the dropdown menu


Tips on Migrating from Version 9.7 to Version 10

Editing in progress - do not consider content reliable.
From a training in September 2008...

On Macs, remove version 9 Notebook, SMARTboard, Update, and Gallery.
Keep "essentials""

There may be problems in files in each user account on Macs causing problems if not removed before installing Version 10.

Export old from "My Content " to preserve it for Version 10.
Latest version 10 will uninstall 9.7. Use "Uninstall the uninstall program"Doc o uninstall to be sent"

Wrench icon "Update Essentials"

All accounts on Mac "OK once"
Exchange > downloads

Windows > Notebook SE = student Edition

Drag SMARTboard tools to Doc from

Hide Floating tools in SmartTools (right Click)

Red X = no SMARTbaord connected

Lock all devices on Welcome Screen from computer screen

"Page Recording"


Tools > selects and modifies properties

Digital Ink Layer

Magic pen ink will disappear in a short time


Table > tab cell shades, group or individual cells

Resize > read bar

Insert column

Grouping move pages to a second pesenation

Active alignmentg remais in pages - change guide color

Teacher ToolKit 1.5 file > 66 MB

Sound site source MP3 >


SMARTBoard LAUSD Vendor Information
Go here

. .

  Vendors Supporting SMARTBoards
"Aegom - Middle School Math for SMARTboard Notebook is a company that creates amazing SMART lessons for middle school math. It is a 3rd party site. A site license is $799 or an individual license is $299. You can download 6 sample lessons for free. The content of the samples covers some of the topics you mentioned. It’s definitely worth downloading the free ones!"
(from an e-mail recommendation)







Non SMART Board Reference Sources

Rubric Generator
Project Checklist

LAUSD Digital Library
LAUSD Digital Library
Translate Webpages
LAUSD Search Page
LA City Public Library

Graphic Organizer Links
Eduplace (Eng and Span)
Eduplace (more)
Graphic Organizer Index
SCORE of California
Teacher Vision

Virtual Manipulatives
National Library of
Virtual Manipulatives


Future Graphic Integration Links
Microsoft's Surface
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